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A 32-year-old female diabetic quadriplegic with severe 3rd degree burn on left foot was seeking wound care from PT once a week. Wound was healing very slowly and had almost no positive change since August 2001. On February 21st, 2002 she came in for massage therapy. Her left foot was bandaged and very swollen up the mid-calf. Used lymphatic massage tech on leg and QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] over area of burn (Mind). Also used QGM over navel and heart area (Spirit), as well as cranio-sacral tech to relax the diaphragm and intestinal area.

Second visit, March 13th, used the same protocol. Her husband was excited. Wound starting to close from around 6 cm to 4 cm, then after 2nd visit to 2cm (I have never seen wound as it has been under bandages). Digestive tract worked well on its own for 3 days after 1st session and she slept much better. Wound nearly closed, saving the foot from possible amputation or skin graft.

-Shelly Hitz, LMT (Shelley, ID)

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