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High cholesterol (266) and Triglycerides (1211). My wife, Brenda has been experiencing these high numbers for many years. Three years ago, she had to get a heart cath and 2 stents. She had been treated with every “drug” in the doctor’s war chest. The above numbers were recorded on 2/15/02. She started using the Infratonic QGM, while sitting in a lounge chair, watching TV. (Mind)10 minutes on bottom of each foot, over spleen and 20 minutes over thymus.

On 4/24/02 her numbers had fallen to Cholesterol (195) and Triglycerides (209). She asked her doctor to write her a script for the Infratonic QGM. He replied that he did not see how that device could have made a difference, but he wrote the script!!! Brenda no longer fears the thought of another heart cath and has lost about five pounds. She also sleeps much, much better. (Paul sent us copies of lab reports and also doctor’s RX).

Paul Harvey MA/LMT, Huntington, WV

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