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Jammed & sprained thumb. I was attempting to shut a sliding glass window when my hand slipped and I jammed my thumb with all my strength & force. I know it wasn’t broken, but pain was extremely high. Being a massage therapist I was certain I’d be out of work a week. I immediately put the Infratonic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] on my thumb. The pain intensified at first but I kept the machine on. I used it continuously for about an hour until the pain was totally gone!

I don’t take painkillers although it might have helped. But the pain didn’t get unbearable, even when it was intensified. Despite my original assessment of not being able to work, I actually was able to do massages the very same day. No pain. I used the Infratonic again for 20 minutes after work to prevent any recurrence of pain. Thank you for this wonderful machine!

Marcia Brandt, Mt Vernon, IA

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