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The Amazing, new CHI SUN!

My name is Laurie. I run a forever home animal rescue sanctuary so besides dreaming that my everyday life will improve as I travel on, my main focus is always – animals FIRST!

With that interest, I have been using Chi products for more than two decades and I am always excited to see what new paths we will be taken on. Like other products before this, the Chi Sun is amazing, astounding, or……

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself!

The day Chi Sun arrived I called Gina to tell her how wonderful it was. I loved the portability, the adorable little ‘home’ it came with and the instant energetic balancing I felt as I tried it on a sore hip, tired feet, and my waning spirit at the closing of my day. I live with a twenty-year-old auto accident-related hip challenge that has become more than manageable thanks to various Chi machines over the years. My tired feet are a new thing since I have not spent as much time barefoot this past year, and it is a conflict I have seldom needed to address. So, not surprisingly, my little Chi Sun was ready to make my feet as happy as they used to be – in the matter of a VERY short time… like before bedtime on the first day of use! Although I have continued to help my hip and feet, they are almost an afterthought at the end of my long days.

Physically I could feel the vibrations travel along my meridians, easing my overall being. As grand as physical relief is, my world revolves around my heart and all that I love, which is nature and all the animals. So as my first Chi Sun evening came to a close, I was so pleased to feel a quiet relaxation wash over me. I slept very calmly and dreamt well.

I was sold before my night ended. What a wonderful addition to my healing cache. The morning would bring the proper test – to find out if the animals agreed with my eager acceptance of my Chi Sun.

I spent the next few days roaming my farm to use the Sun on this cat, that dog, wildlife, then the many equines we share our life with. My discoveries could not have been better. Running a holistic sanctuary provides our animals (and ourselves!) with many wonderful products and remedies. Being a rescue, means many of our residents have been battered, abused, starved, frightened, or mocked. They come to us bruised, hopeless and often – brokenhearted, or deeply angry, even dangerous. Every member has experienced our Equitonic-9 as well as our Chi Palm so they knew what I was up to when they saw me coming.

One might assume our critters are now all happy and fully healed, but painful memories and injured bodies often hold much grief regardless of levels of health. The longer they are here and the less they had wrong when they arrived, certainly help them live rather content, comfortable lives, but there is no such thing as ‘too much healing’, ‘too much hope’ or ‘too much peace’. Every Chi treatment they have experienced over these years, brings them all that much closer to their own nirvana.

One of our dogs was dropped out of a pick-up truck he watched race away down the road, leaving him near a highway to fend for himself. He has been with us enough years it is hard to tell the abandonment issue he lives with, since he quickly realized on that fate turning day, that he did not want that truck to return. He had decided he would live alone… or die, rather than wish to be reunited with beings who did not want… or love him. He is a happy, healthy dog, but when the Chi Sun was offered to him, he laid down, sighed and you could see the relief cross through him. He spent fifteen minutes sleeping, motionless. When he awoke, on his own, he let out a pitiful whine, furiously wagged his tail and crawled into my lap (all 50 pounds of him!) and curled up like a puppy. He has been more mellow and less intense, ever since.

Our eldest cat (nearly 20) has a waning appetite, has always been a picky eater and although he is a gentle soul, he struggles with skin eruptions related to a poor diet in his early years. The little crusty bumps, mostly on his head and the back of his neck, are pretty manageable if we keep on top of it. He has taken to laying with me every evening when I treat myself, and places his back to the Sun, purring.

Since I got my Sun, I kept meaning to write a thank you and list our discoveries but situations like this cat, made me wait… Although he was obviously peaceful and calm, I was not sure what to expect for his bodily health. Within three days, his appetite picked up (not perfect but heading in the right direction) and after nine days, the little crusts lessened. His hair is sleeker, and he never misses a treatment. No matter where he is when I turn it on for myself, he shows up and settles in for his turn.

The horses and donkeys are another issue altogether. Not just their numbers (there are more than thirty of them) but they are our specialty and some of their stories … well, they are simply tragic.

Since they have all been blessed with Chi machines, they knew what I was up to when I brought our new Chi Sun into their midst. They lined up to see if the Sun could slow down or end, a critical eye cancer. Another missed her mother who was rescued with her and passed on only months ago, in her early thirties. Long life for a horse. Very long for a mare who was nearly dead when we got her (with her foal still inside…) but her eleven-year-old filly has never lived without her. She loves her friends and family here, but mom is… well, MOM. She continuously stood with the Chi sun alongside her chest and face while the others watched and let her heal. She looks forward to her Sun visits every day. She says she thinks of her mother more easily after a treatment. I will continue offering her Chi time until she feels she can go longer between visits. It will be up to her.

A donkey with a crippled leg, a pony who was nearly, intentionally, killed by ruthless humans, an orphan, and our elders (all over thirty) eagerly await their turns. Chickens and wildlife have responded well, as have our dutiful volunteers! Due to the number of hours in our day, not everyone can share the Sun every day. There are some exceptions, but I make sure they each can have a turn before each week is out.

I would have loved to share every story from these animals and their joy over Chi Sun, but I must close so that I may take my own turn, with my aging kitty on my lap, to see if we both might feel younger in the morning! This may not be the fountain of youth, but the new Chi Sun sure does make the trip more comfortable!!

Thank you once again to Richard and his crew for bringing more balance and relief into our lives!!


Laurie & the critters of Equestrian Spirits….

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