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Problem: Degenerative myelopathy and idopathic vestibular in my 15-1/2 yr old German Shepherd.

Treatment: My Shepherd (Radja) has been undergoing acupuncture for many years to help in many different ways. About a year and a half ago her allergies caused a bacterial infection to set in her spine, causing difficulty for her to walk – through acupuncture she started walking better, along with homeopathy. Recently, she developed vestibular syndrome and it really knocked her on her fanny. The vet prescribed Belladona for a day along with relatively frequent treatments with the Infratonic – I worked with her for about 10 minutes each session and immediately noticed a difference in her comfort level, along with increased recovery. For her age she has recovered quite quickly and continues to receive treatments with the Infratonic which is helping tremendously (an understatement I might add). Her visits to the vet are weekly – I believe if I could work with the Infratonic at least a couple times a week it would improve her recovery that much more.

Quality of Life Improvements: Radja’s quality of life has been improved by enabling her to sleep better – because of the degen. myelopathy she would position herself in odd positions, never really completely comfortable, which didn’t allow for a very good night sleep, hence hindering her recovery. Since the Infratonic she is more aware of her hind quarters, thus allowing her a better position – more comfortable – longer sleep periods – allowing for more improved recovery. She is brighter because she can see the improvements – not relying on me as much to help her get up and reposition herself, it has given her back some of her independence which is crucial to her well being. Thank you, as I write there are tears in my eyes in gratitute for your product. I have been working with her for quite some time with many modalities to continue to improve her walking, sleeping and mental state – the Infratonic has been extremely instrumental in all of those areas in such a short amount of time.

Gail Carpiniello, Amesbury, MA

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