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A back injury that incurred several years ago left me quite incapacitated. The medical help I sought left me no hope, and I was sure my life was over as I had known it to be. I was medicated and told my only choice was surgery. I had a bulged disc that was sitting on a nerve. Pain was constant and unbearable. At times I’d become paralyzed.

In my heart I knew I’d never succumb to surgery or the like. I could no longer continue in my occupation. At that moment of realization I decided to pursue a life long dream. Within weeks of this vision I was researching schools and possibilities. Not only did I find the perfect school; as fate would have it I registered, and became a faithful student of Massage Therapy. Dr. John T. Kenny DC and his partner of Northwest Health Careers began treating me immediately with the Infratonic. The results blew me away. I was being treated three times a week with great results. Because school required a lot of sitting I requested an Infratonic for personal use. I used it all day, everyday. Not only was I painfree, but I lost weight too. I felt like a Million Bucks.

I’m proud to say I’ve become an accomplished Massage Therapist at the most prestigious hotel in Las Vegas: Bellagio. I know in my heart of hearts that the realization of my dream coming true was the direct result of the Infratonic. Not only has this safe simple way helped me, but also many of my clients. Now I’m pursuing a new dream of becoming a Doctor in Naturopathy.

Thadra D. Smith CMT, Las Vegas, NV

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