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A 39 year old female diagnosed with Fibromyalgia syndrome since 11/01, on disability since 02/02. Her symptoms include frequent headaches, mood changes, memory loss, bilateral knee pain, back pain between T1-L5 with radiation to bottom of feet, current upper respiratory infection with cough, pain in chest and posterior ribs, tinnitus in bilateral ears with fluid, general malaise and loss of energy.

3 treatments with the Infratonic 8 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] 20 minutes, (Balance) sweeping lung, bladder and large intestine meridians. Spot treatment on throat and heart. The patient states that during the treatment, she feels a tingling sensation down her spine and into her right elbow. (This is the arm in which she has the most pain.) After treatments she states she has not noticed any mental health changes, but has noticed more energy in the evening and can accomplish more tasks than usual. This is usually the time of day in which she is the worst and most symptomatic.

Jane Rackley, DC, Oakland City, IN

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