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What are the settings?

Our settings are Acute (left), Balance (middle), and Deep Calm (right)

The Balance setting (middle button): is the primary signal to use because it is the most effective at calming inflamed cells to relieve pain and accelerate recovery.

The Acute setting (first button): includes the higher octane of frequencies measured from the heart. It tend to enhance intuition and helps people see more deeply into the causes behind discomforts, to “think outside the box”. For deep injuries, bruises, and recent injuries- use Acute for the first 10 minutes and switch to Balance.

The Deep Calm setting (third button): It combines Balance with very low frequency signals that awaken the deep unconscious reactive programming. This is especially useful for what might be called psychosomatic or mind/body conditions because it brings the deep unconscious closer to conscious awareness while enhancing the fluidity of conscious awareness. This is also wonderful to use for deep relation, sleep and emotional turbulence.

CHI Palm Signal Settings

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