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What is the trade-up program? How does it work?

The trade-up program allows you to trade in older models of our technology for newer models. Doing so allows you to experience the latest and most cutting-edge version of our technology without having to pay full price. Simply let us know you would like to do a trade-in, send your unit in to us, and we will provide a discount off your total cost. Only one trade-in is eligible per new device. Below are the different models eligible for trade-in, as well as the discount you will receive.

We are opening our trade in program for the CHI Palms beginning in April once we receive our stock!


Trade-In Progam
QGM (Sy 201) / INT QGM / Chaos $50.00 off upgrade
Mobile Medic / Mobile Magic $50.00 off upgrade
Soni Calm PM / Soni Cam 3 $50.00 off upgrade
Infratonic 8,000 $75.00 off upgrade
Infratonic 8 $75.00 off upgrade
Infratonic 9 $175.00 off upgrade
Equitonic 9 $200.00 off upgrade

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  1. I have an infratonic 9 . Is that eligible to trade in for the new chi palm? If so, what would I get as a trade in and when can I expect the new chi palm? Blessings ,FatherVincent J. Rumain

    1. Hello Father Vincent J. Rumain,

      We are expecting our next shipment of CHI Palms to to come into us around the 3rd week of February 2021 and since this will be a larger shipment than our first we are hoping to allow trade ins again at that time. The Infratonic 9 does not currently have a trade in value but we will be revamping our trade in program when we receive the 2nd shipment in February to include the Infratonic and Equitonic 9’s. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance. 🙂

      -The CHI Team

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