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What is the trade-up program? How does it work?

The trade-up program allows you to trade in older models of our technology for newer models. Doing so allows you to experience the latest and most cutting-edge version of our technology without having to pay full price. Simply let us know you would like to do a trade-in, send your unit in to us, and we will provide a discount off your total cost. Only one trade-in is eligible per new device. Below are the different models eligible for trade-in, as well as the discount you will receive.



Trade-In Progam
QGM (Sy 201) $100.00 off upgrade
INT QGM $100.00 off upgrade
Chaos $150.00 off upgrade
Mobile Medic / Mobile Magic $150.00 off upgrade
Soni Calm PM $150.00 off upgrade
Soni Calm 3 $200.00 off upgrade
Infratonic 8,000 $200.00 off upgrade
Infratonic 8 $200.00 off upgrade

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