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When Uncertainty is Clear..

The year 2020 has not been kind to most of us. With the unkind year came a lot of fear, uncertainty, and the feeling of being helpless. There was uncertainty for our occupations, uncertainty for our homes and loved ones, uncertainty for our livelihood in general, but the biggest uncertainty came with our health. Coronavirus showed up unannounced and uninvited and came with no instructions or warnings except the likelihood of death. We had no way of knowing if the people around us were infected or if they simply had a common cold. The fear and helplessness that I was feeling came from the media-stories that there were no vitamins, medicines, or vaccines that could protect us. All we could do to keep our loved ones safe was to separate ourselves from them.

Coronavirus shows no bias. It knows not age, race, religion, wealth, etc. Nobody is safe or untouchable. So just like most, when I became ill after having been in recent contact with a friend who tested positive for Covid-19, I immediately began to panic. Had I infected my family, my friends, coworker’s, or even strangers I passed in public? Would I infect my son with Coronavirus? I knew one thing for sure: I needed to segregate myself from any and everybody! I called in to work sick, locked myself away in my room, and began looking for a way to get tested. The instant Covid-19 tests had been pulled from the market that day because they were providing to many false positives. The soonest I could be tested was 3 days later (it was almost 2 weeks before I saw results). This meant I would have to miss work, stay away from my family, and let them fend for themselves for at least a week while I waited to get tested and for results to come back.

I had a horrible cough with mucus, trouble breathing, nausea and vomiting and I was downright miserable. I was doing all I could to keep the people around me safe and to get back to healthy as soon as possible. I was taking vitamins and Mucinex. I was drinking anti-viral tea and eating cough drops like they were candy. I was resting and staying warm. I also had my Infratonic 9 on my chest as often as possible and I wasn’t getting worse but had no noticeable improvements. Upon returning to work I still had my cough with mucus and some difficulty breathing. Richard asked me if I had been using any of my CHI Products to combat the illness to which I informed him that I had been using my Infratonic 9. Richard then reminds me that, in his studies, the CHI Stone had proven beneficial in helping many to get rid of their chronic cough. I retrieved my stone from my purse where I keep it in case it’s needed and placed it in my shirt and within a matter of moments, I could feel the stress and worry floating away. I left the CHI Stone on my person for 48 hours and was able to notice a decrease in how frequently I was coughing as well as there was less mucus production. I don’t know for sure if the CHI Stone helped but I was trying everything and it’s the only thing that seemed to have helped me. I know I was much calmer, less fearful, and able to breathe easier within a few days as I kept the CHI Stone on my person.

When uncertainty is clear…..the CHI Stone is here.

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