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I acquired my first Infratonic 9 probably 10 years ago when my friend and colleague Deb Crane introduced it to me. I remember being so impressed with how much the device enhanced her work with horses. Having personally benefitted, I upgraded to the Infratonic 11 a couple of years ago. It’s a tool I have used from time to time whenever I remember it – like when I fractured my wrist 5 years ago or when my dog went limp in one leg (after applying it for a few hours, he was fine the next day). I feel intuitively I have an inner voice that guides me to use it when necessary. My husband even used it when dealing with Meniere’s a few years ago. But this most recent experience has convinced me that using my Chi Palm should be as regular as brushing my teeth. I am profoundly grateful. I’ll be sure to keep you updated about my recovery from my fractured/dislocated shoulder. I’m living in a miracle!  (The Chi Sun has also become a regular activity.)

Constance Jones

I don’t have a chi sun but I have had a Equitonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] years. I am just finding out about the chi sun. I have had so much healing with my animals and myself. I do equine massage and started using the Equitonic 9 along with massage many years ago. It helps to relieve static tension in my horses as I’m working on them and helps relax them. I then use the Equitonic 9 on places I have worked on to go deeper and release the muscle knots. I have worked on horses along with vets to heal suspensories, wounds,swelling and had a horse I healed from a hind suspensory branch desmitis. I could go on and on. I can’t live without it.

I’m so glad I took a chance many years ago and purchased the Equitonic 9.

Julie Stoner

Of all the equipment companies I have used in my 34 years of practice of Equine Therapy, Richard and the Chi Co. have always been the best to me!!

I am so grateful!  We use PEMF machines that cost $22K, and we have never gotten the service that we have gotten from Chi!!

Thanks so much,

G Dianne Volz

Equine Therapy 502, inc

I am a Long time user, believer, and promoter of the CHI Machine [Latest Version is CHI Palm].  In the past, I have used the CHI machine on Horses for several years.  Seen results of many horses healing from illness and  lameness  with one particular horse that had fetlocks dropped to the ground. Using the CHI Machine had  cured the stretched ligaments and the horse actually became sound with uplifted fetlocks!!
So, recently I have developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and was seeking treatment to prevent surgery.  My friend reminded me of the CHI machine for horses.  I immediately began treating myself on my wrist and my pain and inflammation has greatly reduced.  I am healing without the need for surgery!
Now, my amazing progress with the treatment on myself, I have bought a CHI Machine for my Mom who has chronic pain with vascular insufficiency.  She loves it too.  Uses it every day, multiple times and now my Mom actually has many pain free moments and is comfortable and moving much better!
Thank you Chi Institute for making this miracle machine available.  Would love to upgrade to the new CHI Palm.  Truly, this machine has improved every application I have used it on.  Horses and humans!
Lori G.

I am a student of Mimi Porter’s and I am studying to be an Equine Therapist. I recently received an Equitonic [Latest version is CHI Palm] for my birthday. I have used it on some of my equine patients. I took my Equitonic home for Thanksgiving to show my parents. I applied the CHI Machine to everything that was hurt, sore, or irritated. My grandmother suffered a sprain in her left hand – within minutes she said the pain had ceased and she had increased flexibility. My sister had been working all day and her lower back was hurting – she used the Equintonic for about 10 minutes, and she also said her pain was relieved. My father and mother also used it.

Dana McMasters

I first became acquainted with the company over twenty years ago. My mother bought the equine unit for our horses. Approximately twelve years ago, I tore a muscle in my shoulder. It was very painful and I couldn’t lift it or move it away from my body. I was told after an MRI that I would need surgery. My mother brought me her machine and within two days, I could lift my arm out and away from my body and above my head. I got a cortisone shot and avoided surgery. Needless to say, I bought one and will never be without it. My mother and I recently purchased two of the newer model, the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm].  My dad uses it for restless leg syndrome. I am using it on a dog with an enlarged heart to move fluid and also on a hurt horse to repair damage from a severe cut. Needless to say, I know it works and anyone who tries it will never be without one, especially if you have chronic pain and you find relief. With a thirty-day guarantee, I cannot believe anyone wouldn’t try it. It REALLY works.

-Sharon Core

I am sold on this unit! I was seriously concerned that my wrists wouldn’t hold up at the rate I’m going, but with the I-9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm], I made it through a week of 40 horses!

-Dr. Yates

I am a massage therapist and use my Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] every day, but one story was almost too good to believe. If I hadn’t seen it myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it.

Faith was having a hysterectomy, bladder tack and deviated septum surgery. She came in for a pre op session Sunday afternoon and had the surgery Monday morning. Just to mention, after surgery Faith must take twice the pain meds that most of us do and the effects of anesthesia are devastating to her for months after the surgery. I got to her house Wednesday morning, expecting a very sleepy, drugged up patient. To my surprise, Faith was bright eyed, pain free and got out of bed to greet me. Her family couldn’t believe the difference in her behavior, compared to previous experiences.

Faith never had abdominal swelling, never took the hydrocodone the doc prescribed for her and was released to drive in just nine days. She went back to work very shortly after that. Anyone who has had this surgery knows how miserable it is, but with the Infratonic there is relief from the long recovery.

Needless to say, Faith purchased an Infratonic right away and has used it on herself, grand kids and her horses ever since.  5 out of 5 stars

Sally Wright

The Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] is amazing! I borrowed my friend’s machine and used it on my horse who had a huge warm swelling on her front leg near her inside tendon area. The swelling and heat dispersed with each treatment until it was totally gone without the aid of anti-inflammatories. A second benefit was that she became calm and relaxed. I was sold. I then used the machine on my own wrist injury. It took down all the swelling and acute pain, again without the use of anti-inflammatories. What a phenomenal machine!

Kathy – 5 out of 5 stars

I was very happy to receive the Equitonic 9.  I have an old break of my tibia which did not heal straight along with multiple fractures on the head of the tibia.  I recently suffered an injury to the femur on the same leg.  The temporary lack of use of my knee caused the arthritis to escalate and increased the pain.  After a long treatment with the Equitonic, the pain subsided to pre-injury levels,  or better and the mobility increased.  I also have a Missouri Foxtrotter who has been cocking his hind fetlocks, particularly his left one.  I’m suspecting arthritis is developing and the Equitonic is working great on him too.  This is a wonderful product!

I will be 74 in 2 months. In my early forties I had a motorcycle accident where I landed on the right side of my body, causing damage to my right knee, shoulder, elbow and neck. I healed eventually and mostly forgot about it except for occasional twinges in my knee. However, as I aged, I started to have pain in all my joints on my right side. I had developed arthritis in my knee and had to get viscosupplementation injections just to be able to walk. Due to my work, 8 hours on a computer, I developed arthritis in my wrist, and bursitis in my shoulder. When I turned my neck to the right, there was pain and tightness in my neck. I was also having lots of pain in my legs, and hips.

I was 72, and I hurt all the time. I’d been to physical therapy 3 times in the last 3 years. Once for Sciatica, and twice for leg and knee pain. I was given physical therapy exercises for neck, knee, legs, and yes, they helped but the pain always came back. In September of 2019 my daughter came over and told me she was going to leave her Infratonic 8 with me for one week, so I could try it. I promptly forgot about it, but then with only one day left, I put it on my back for about an hour. The next day I actually felt some pain relief, so I decided to buy one. I still wasn’t certain how much it would help so I decided to get a used one on eBay.

I purchased the Infratonic 8000 and started using it on a daily basis. I also slept with it on my hips. I used it on both my knees, on my wrist, shoulder and neck daily at the highest level, which on the 8000 is Full. Within one week I had no pain anywhere. I still use it on a daily basis, mostly I just sleep with it.

A few weeks ago, my I8000 stopped working. While I was waiting to see if it was fixable, I purchased the Equitonic 9, because the Infratonic 9 is currently sold out. WOW! I love the convenience of it being portable. The other night I slipped on some mud, fell and was shocked that I was ok. However, that night, when I was doing some stretches, I had a massive spasm in my back. The kind of spasm that you know, you’re going to be laid up for a couple of weeks. I immediately put the Equitonic on it for about an hour. Then went to bed. I was shocked when I woke up the next morning with minimal pain. After a spasm like I had the night before I usually can barely move the next day, cannot stand up straight at all, and I was moving fine with minimal pain. So I attached my Equitonic 9 to a back belt with a pocket for icing your back and walked around with it for most of the day. I still get that thrill every time this little machine comes through for me. By the end of the day, I had no pain in my back, and it has not returned. The fall was Wednesday, today is Sunday and I feel great.

As an almost 74-year-old, until I had the Infratonic, pain free days were so rare that I posted on Facebook when I actually had one, and in the last 4-5 years, that only happened once. Now that I have the Infratonic, days that I have pain are the exception to the rule. I’ve told everyone I know about this wonderful miracle machine. My only regret is that I did not know about this when my parents were alive. It would have helped them so much.

I purchased the Equitonic 9 for use on horses. However, when my 51 year old son has difficulties breathing due to advanced Parkinson’s disease, we have found that by laying the unit on his chest he begins to breathe easier. His diaphragm is compromised due to muscle atrophy, and therefore, he is unable to move mucus out of his airways well. The unit helps break up the secretions and allows him to have a productive cough and clear his airways. He now sleeps with the unit every night for comfort and better sleep. We are grateful for the technology that assists him with these issues. By the way, the horses love it too.

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