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The Infratonic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] has become a very important part of my daily life. The benefits from it are beyond my wildest imagination: from arthritis, headaches, tension, sleep and even waking up better and thinking more alert; it does it all. I’ve never felt so good in years and years. I am under the care of a wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Wayman, who recommended I get the Infratonic, and he is amazed at my progress giving credit in part to the Infratonic.

-Valerie M. Williams (Vancouver, WA)

I have been unable to walk for 2 years, due to problems that started with Lyme disease I caught 2 years ago. For some reason it attacked my right leg.

My chiropractor Dr. Seubold offered to try the Infratonic chi machine on the leg; what a miracle. Even he was amazed at how much of the swelling was reduced after 20 minutes of use. I came to your website to buy one to have in my home, and will tell everyone I meet what a fantastic device you have. Thanks so much!!”

Regina Flesher

I have had CHI Institute products for 4 years now. The original Infratonic was amazing. It helped with brusies, sprains, headaches, general diffuse pain, chakra balancing and so much more. I have a Mobile Medic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and use it for drives over 5 hours. I have a severely compromised spine and this allows me to function when I get out of the car. It is small and easy to use and transport. I have tried many modalities and “machines,” this is a proven winner.  It gets 4 four stars.


I have the earlier version of this product called Infratonic 8000 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and have been using it for many years. My husband and I play tennis many times a week and because we are in our 60s we do have aches and pains from time to time and have both had tennis elbow. The Infratonic has kept us on the courts and has diminished or eliminated the pain from many areas of the body. The most amazing thing to me was its effect on my migraines. I have only experience three of them but each time I get to the machine as quickly as possible and put it up to my head and within a minute or less the pain subsides and I even fall asleep.

I purchase one for my 95-year-old father and he uses it regularly so that his knee joints are not painful and he even drives regularly and is almost pain free.

This is an amazing product and I cannot say enough wonderful things about how it has helped us.

whatwouldlovedo -5 out of 5 stars

Dorothy (female 58), housewife, had been suffering a constant headache for ten years. She used painkillers for numbers of years, twice daily. I used alternative medicine to relieve her symptoms first, then also used Infratonic on her abdomen area for 20 minutes. After 5 treatments, she felt more energetic and headache had been reduced to one a month. The patient is sleeping better and able to think more sharply. She can walk outdoors freely and even join in most neighborhood and senior citizen’s activities. Headache no longer bothers her.

-Dr. Benny Fan (Honolulu, HI)

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