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I had a chi machine and used it a lot. So did my husband. After I fell and broke my left arm in three places, I used the chi machine on it.

At a later visit to my doctor, he asked, “When did you break your arm?”

I told him (so he didn’t have to look it up).

He was surprised because it was healing really fast.

I hope I win! I would love to have one again!


Shirley Orf


I’ve been getting good results on the surgical adhesion pain with the Chi Palm.  Thanks once again for the loan.

I have a question: you mention in the pamphlet that the sound waves dissolve cellular trauma.  I was wondering if you had any thoughts about whether the sound waves could physically dissolve adhesions.  After seven surgeries I’ve got a bunch.

I was in town yesterday parked by your building.  It’s looking great—easily the best-looking traditional building in the pueblo.


Hi, Edward,

The answer is that the chaotic alpha of the sound waves travel deep into the body and dissolve fear, which is the holding energy behind scar tissue. Hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules remain tightly coiled, holding the scar tissue in form. The chaotic sound waves also dissolve rebellious cellular activities like inflammation and cause cells to start working together. These two factors result in increased hyaluronic acid production and relaxation of the tightly coiled HA molecules. Once this happens, the scar tissue can simply relax and revert to normal tissue.
So the indirect answer is yes. Also, it also causes new incisions to heal without scar tissue.



I acquired my first Chi product about 25 years ago when I was doing massage and body work because I am a staunch advocate for using sound and frequencies for personal healing. The need for the cord attachment to the transducer on this older product made it difficult to use. So, when the Chi Palm was offered, I was excited to try it out.

I really like its small size, shape and the fact that it is re-chargeable and thereby portable. By this time, I was retired so I ordered one for myself to deal with the many issues related to aging. I wanted to focus on pain in my trochanter (hip joint) and lower back issues which interfere with my need to walk and keep active. After regular daily use I began to achieve some relief. Then I wondered if I could achieve even more relief by using it more, so I decided to sleep with it all night. I placed on my trochanter area as well as other spots that were hurting. Also, even though I have no pain in that area, I’m confident that its use has also kept Prostate Cancer from returning.

This tactic provided such relief that I decided to order a 2nd Chi Palm so that I could focus on two primary spots at one time. I have been using them both every night since then. I usually have a significant amount of pain relief by the time I get up in the morning, but the trochanter discomfort is not yet completely resolved. I’m also using Collagen to build back the cushion in the joint so that the Chi Palm will be able to completely heal the joint.

This morning, 10/19/23 I woke up almost completely pain free and plan to continue this process until I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE. Thank you, Chi Palm for giving me my life and mobility back. I will never be without them. Even though I already have two Chi Palms, should I be selected to win another one I will devote its use to helping others who may not be able to afford one for themselves.

Sincerely grateful,

Peace  🙏,   Love  ❤️   and Blessings

William Settle

I spent more than $100,000 over the past two years to try to find a way to live with chronic pain and the resulting insomnia and nervousness. I spent a month at a chronic pain management clinic. I own two TENS UNITS. I’ve tried chiropractic acupuncture, hypnosis and neck surgery. I’ve tried pills: Zanax, Halcion, Valium and all kinds of medicines for heart, nervousness, sleeping and of course, pain. The more drugs I took, the worse I got. I thought my life was over.

Now, thanks to the Infratonic [Latest Version is CHI Palm]I’m active again, working 12 to 14 hours a day, and I feel better than I have in years. It started with back pain that kept me from sleeping, and without sleep, I wouldn’t be able to think the next day. All the drugs I was taking just compounded the problems. Now when I have back pain I put the Infratonic on my back. Within five minutes the pain is relieved and I feel so relaxed that I can fall right to sleep. Recently, I was preparing to take a trip and discovered that my wife would not let the Infratonic out of the house because she needed it for her aches and pains! So we are now a two Infratonic family.

Jim Lusk, San Clemente, CA

My clients and I are still benefiting greatly from the Infratonic [Latest Version is CHI Palm].  One friend had chronic sciatica since last January, trying chiropractic with deep tissue massage, physical therapy, acupuncture and massage with me. Everything helped a little, but it is having the Infratonic everyday that has turned the tables for her, and she reports continued improvement. Also, my grandson had a bad eye infection, cough and cold, deep circles under his eyes. The night before he had awakened with nightmares and coughing. I put the Infratonic next to him for one hour while he slept. He only awoke to use the bathroom and slept a little better. In the morning, his infection was greatly reduced and he had more energy. Pretty amazing stuff, this Qi!

-L. Dawn Scott, MT

My husband had an accident on a ladder and pulled a groin muscle. He used the Infratonic that same evening. He went to bed only slightly limping. He had no limp the next morning and went to work without pain; truly remarkable results.

-Lesley Madsen (Sag Harbor, NY)

Chronic myofaciitis neck and shoulder, chronic pain. I was in two bad car accidents. Was treated by a physical therapist and because of my pain level being so high, was prescribed an Infratonic machine for home. After treatment, pain meds cut more than in half. I don’t know what I’d do without this machine. Great improvement, reduced pain, helped me to relax. When my children are sick with colds, this machine breaks up their congestion. It’s awesome!

-Lisa DeRouen (Lafayette, LA)

A 74-year-old female hit a black cow at night and totaled the truck. Injury to neck, and aggravated as a result of cervical laminectomy. Off work from Forest Service for 6 weeks, back part time, then full time as of 4/27/02. Pain in neck area reduced considerably. Also reduced use of painkillers. Don’t feel that this could have happened so well without the Chi machine. Appreciate how fast results are achieved.

-Elizabeth Sam Hartley (Worland, WY)

My daughter Twink cured a torn rotor cuff on her shoulder with an Infratonic machine. It took seven months of daily treatment and the doctor at the end of that time, thought he had made a mistake in his diagnosis.

-Sally M. Stratton (New Plymouth, ID)

Having 4 CHI units and being a chiropractor, I use all units for soft tissue injuries. Knee and ankle injuries. I’m the team doctor for 3 soccer teams. No operations past 3 years. Prior to this 7 knee operations. Orthopedic doctor can’t believe my results. Very happy families having sons restored to normal function without operations.

Dr. R.A. Oth, Fort Pierce, FL

I couldn’t be happier. The pain was severe and felt like tendonitis. Sudden onset, rapid spreading. Now, completely gone. The Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] is my go-to aid. It’s a godsend. I take it when we’re headed off for a day trip. I don’t leave home without it! I am a lucky woman to have access to such things – to know about them and to be able to afford them. I am so grateful.

-Kathleen Day

I first became acquainted with the company over twenty years ago. My mother bought the equine unit for our horses. Approximately twelve years ago, I tore a muscle in my shoulder. It was very painful and I couldn’t lift it or move it away from my body. I was told after an MRI that I would need surgery. My mother brought me her machine and within two days, I could lift my arm out and away from my body and above my head. I got a cortisone shot and avoided surgery. Needless to say, I bought one and will never be without it. My mother and I recently purchased two of the newer model, the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm].  My dad uses it for restless leg syndrome. I am using it on a dog with an enlarged heart to move fluid and also on a hurt horse to repair damage from a severe cut. Needless to say, I know it works and anyone who tries it will never be without one, especially if you have chronic pain and you find relief. With a thirty-day guarantee, I cannot believe anyone wouldn’t try it. It REALLY works.

-Sharon Core

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