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I love the CHI Palm! I use it on myself at home every night – sometimes all night while sleeping – sometimes just when sitting in my chair reading. I also share it with my very elderly dog hoping it brings her some comfort. I find it much more user friendly than the older units. So nice it has a low profile and is not as heavy – or at least the weight seems to be better distributed.

I’m noticing subtle shifts in myself. The CHI Palm seems to be lifting out some very old, very deep patterns. For example growing up, I spent alot of time with my Maternal Grandmother who saved everything based on her growing up in the Depression. Fast forward to now and there is me at 57 years old who has held onto a lot of stuff in my life because of this ingrained fear that ” I might need that some day”. But I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that I have been spontaneouly inspired to go through, organize and clean out and some of these collections of “stuff” without having made a concious decision to do so.
One example is that I had saved so many glass jars and bottles in my basement that they filled 5 boxes which I recently was inspired to go through – I ended up keeping only 1 box of jars that were cool, interesting or that I wanted to repurpose and easily put the rest into recycling. That was a big deal!

Yesterday, I cleaned out 2 bedroom closets and 4 bins of old clothes that I had been holding on to…. for years. I donated a huge box of clothes to Goodwill and also filled a large contractor bag with things not suitable to share to throw away. Also a big deal!

The CHI Palm signals were able to go very deep and release old fear based programming which helped me to be able to see the “truth” of the situation instead of clinging to the fears. For example that 5 boxes of jars was way more than I would ever need – plus they took up alot of space I could use for other things. Or that half the clothes I was storing were not going to ever get used by me because they either didnt fit anymore, were out of style or were stained.

It’s a great feeling to be able to effortlessly move forward – very good for my self esteem. I knew I was holding myself back but I couldnt break through the fears.

I also take the CHI Palm to my Massage/ CranioSacral therapy office everyday – (carefully ensconced in it’s cute box )- why I didn’t use it the first time…. I think I just viewed the box as packaging rather than for daily use. I try to use it on almost every client – whether it’s for discomfort in muscles or joints, emotional support or just deepened relaxation.

Again, I love the new design, it doesn’t slide off nearly as easily when placed on a client. I used to have to do all kinds of towel propping to keep the old ones in place.

BTW, I still run my Infratonic 8000 in my massage room all day set on Cont/Sleep – it has always been kind of a secret weapon for enhanced relaxation. Especially for those people who come in like solid rocks. My very first machine was the Infratonic 4 – That was many moons ago!
It’s so interesting that in all my years of using the various versions of the Infratonics that the CHI Palm is the one that has pulled out some of my deepest and most persistent patterns. Very exciting! I’m really looking forward to where all these positive changes will lead me. I feel like my world is suddenly opening up in a whole new way.

A big thank you to the CHI Team for your passion and commitment to create positive technology to help improve the life of all humanity! I am very grateful to have experienced positive results in myself and I share the Chi Palm everyday with my clients and friends so that hopefully they too can feel a little bit better – in body, mind and spirit.

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