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I have used the Infratonic for about ten months, off and on. I have difficulty with my neck and spine holding chiropractic adjustments. When this happens, all my muscles get very tight and painful and I can’t work or sleep at night. I have used the Infratonic  every day for about twenty minutes since January 2016. I am so relieved that just doing that, plus my chiropractic adjustments and traction, my neck and spine hold much longer in between adjustments and I am pain-free and saving money! I also noticed that while using the Infratonic 9 on my neck, first on the Acute and then the Balance setting, I am releasing old stuck patterns much easier and faster. I am very conscious of what the issue is. I start deep breathing and put the Infratonic on Deep Calm and it washes away the emotional tension created by those patterns within five minutes and the healing is long lasting! I feel lighter, happier, more self-confident and empowered, wiser, and much more self-aware in my life. Thank you, Richard, for being the conduit to create this new healing technology that IS changing the world!!!

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