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I am a Long time user, believer, and promoter of the CHI Machine [Latest Version is CHI Palm].  In the past, I have used the CHI machine on Horses for several years.  Seen results of many horses healing from illness and  lameness  with one particular horse that had fetlocks dropped to the ground. Using the CHI Machine had  cured the stretched ligaments and the horse actually became sound with uplifted fetlocks!!
So, recently I have developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and was seeking treatment to prevent surgery.  My friend reminded me of the CHI machine for horses.  I immediately began treating myself on my wrist and my pain and inflammation has greatly reduced.  I am healing without the need for surgery!
Now, my amazing progress with the treatment on myself, I have bought a CHI Machine for my Mom who has chronic pain with vascular insufficiency.  She loves it too.  Uses it every day, multiple times and now my Mom actually has many pain free moments and is comfortable and moving much better!
Thank you Chi Institute for making this miracle machine available.  Would love to upgrade to the new CHI Palm.  Truly, this machine has improved every application I have used it on.  Horses and humans!
Lori G.
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