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I bought the Equitonic 9 and was so excited when it arrived. The day before it arrived, I had fallen (didn’t see a whole in the grass) and sprained my wrist really badly. The day it arrived I had been in ibuprofen to ease the discomfort. I had every intention of reading through on how to use the Equitonic the next day, which was Sunday and my day off. By Saturday night, the pain in my wrist was SO bad, that I knew I would never be able to sleep– so in desperation, I just turned it on at the ACUTE setting and put it right on my wrist. At one point I felt a little warmth, but honestly I didn’t feel anything on my wrist. No one was more stunned that I was, when, after about 15 minutes, the pain was GONE– totally GONE. I was so relieved and more than a little amazed. That was a few days ago and STILL NO PAIN in my wrist. I can’t wait to use it on my horse’s sore hocks this weekend. Totally love it.

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