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It REALLY works I first became acquainted with the Sound Vitality Company over 20 years ago. My mother bought the Equine one for our horses. Approximately 12 years ago I tore a muscle in my shoulder. It was very painful and I couldn’t lift it or move it away from my body. I was told after an MRI I would need surgery. My mother brought me her machine and within two days I could lift my arm out and away from my body and above my head. I got a cortisone shot and avoided surgery. Needless to say I bought one and will never be without one. My mother and I recently purchased two of the newer models the Infratonic 9. My Dad uses it for restless leg syndrome. I am using it on a dog with an enlarged heart to move fluid and a hurt horse to repair damage from a severe cut. Needless to say I know it works and anyone who tries it will never be without one especially if you have chronic pain and you find relief. With a 90 day guarantee and cannot believe anyone wouldn’t try it. It REALLY works.
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