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I purchased my E-9 about a month ago. I was actually my own first patient. I put it on my shoulder where I had been having pain for a year, slowly worsening. I put it on for 30 minutes on the ACUTE setting and to my astonishment when I woke up in the morning, it was 90% better. Two more treatments and the pain is gone! (It should be noted that equine device can be used on people, too.) At the ranch I applied the treatment to a horse who had an infected shoe boil. I noticed a considerable increase in drainage right away which is highly desirable. Within a few days and several treatments, the boil drained and healed over. A few days later when I arrived I was told that an old (30 years) horse was down and wouldn’t get up, even when breakfast was delivered. Just then he struggled to his feet but wouldn’t eat. He was listless, head hanging down, eyes dull. I gave him a thirty minute treatment using the “sweeping” technique. Within five minutes I could tell I had his attention. He stood very quietly, didn’t try to walk off, and he began to demonstrate behaviors that suggested he felt better. Horse people will understand this. He began to lick and also to heave a couple of big sighs. Minutes after the treatment he began to eat and 30 minutes later, we let him out of his corral with his best buddy and he actually trotted around as if nothing had been wrong. I have more examples both human and equine. This product ISN’T expensive. It’s priceless. Buy one now, you’ll see.

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