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Enhancing your human experience.

CHI Institute integrates ancient Eastern methods and pioneering technologies to create non-invasive devices that work in harmony with the body to promote accelerated healing, alleviate anxiety and enhance the human experience.

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About CHI Institute
Welcome to the world of CHI Institute
History of CHI Institute

CHI Institute’s story begins with the founder, Richard Lee. In his early years, Richard was always attracted to the scientific aspects of things. “If it’s real, it must be measurable,” was something he often said in response to his older brother, John, who was deeply dedicated and interested in things such as Transcendental Meditation,Qi-Gong and many other types of energy work and holistic lifestyle ways. While this drove Richard crazy, it unintentionally became the catalyst for Richard’s journey into the unknown: Qi-Gong, human energy, consciousness, holistic healing for animals and humans alike. With his background as an Energy Systems Engineer and his newfound journey in ancient medicines and practices and human energy, Richard set off to create what today is the CHI Institute. Learn more about the history of the company below.

Pre-creation of CHI
  • Richard introduced to human energy and the world of consciousness
  • Learned about Qi and how it works with the human body
China Healthways Institute
  • Used traditional Chinese methods and practices to create early Infratonic technologies
  • China Healthways Newsletters – shared research that was performed during trips to China, which allowed thousands to be educated
CHI Institute: Created first Chaos Therapy device 
  • Created first Chaos Therapy device
Sound Vitality
Sound Vitality
  • Changed name due to disputes over CHI branding
  • (2017-2020) → out of 20 healing machines, a handful were chosen that were thought to be of the “greatest value to humanity”
  • Spent 3 years perfecting and preparing those for production
Back to CHI Institute
CHI Institute
  • Where the company began; wanted company to reach its full potential
  • *New generation of an old company
CHI Institute
  • Sound Vitality allowed us to continue our work of educating and helping people around the world, but the story of CHI never felt complete. With the determination to see it through and the support of our loyal Tribe members, we returned to where it all began, with the name “CHI Institute.” Full of vigor and vitality, we’re determined to take this company to its full potential.

We are CHI Institute, and we invite you to join us on our journey.

Meet the Staff


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Manager of Operations & Services
Richard Lee

Richard Lee

Founder, CEO of Research & Development
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