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Find out why thousands of people across America own a CHI Institute product.

We want all people to be at their best. With devices designed to help the world be healthy and happy, we are helping make that possible – one satisfied customer at a time. See what people are saying about CHI Institute. How have we enhanced our Tribe’s Human Experience?

No Doubt the CHI Sun Helped

August, 2023 I, as well as my animals, are huge fans of Richard Lee’s work. We use the CHI Palm often, appreciating how it has helped us heal through injuries, surgeries and auto-immune disorders. So…read more

It Helps to Sleep Deep

I do enjoy the chi sun. It helps to sleep deep. Thanks, Emma

I Love the Chi Palm

I love the Chi Palm. One feature perhaps not stressed enough is the length of time it retains a charge. Such a pleasure not to have to keep it tethered to a charging cord. I'd…read more

He Was Surprised Because it Was Healing Really Fast

I had a chi machine and used it a lot. So did my husband. After I fell and broke my left arm in three places, I used the chi machine on it. At a later…read more

Good Results with Surgical Adhesion Pain with CHI Palm

Richard, I’ve been getting good results on the surgical adhesion pain with the Chi Palm.  Thanks once again for the loan. I have a question: you mention in the pamphlet that the sound waves dissolve…read more

I Was Excited to Try it Out

I acquired my first Chi product about 25 years ago when I was doing massage and body work because I am a staunch advocate for using sound and frequencies for personal healing. The need for…read more

I Have Been a Long-Time Fan of these Products

I have been a long time fan of these products going back decades.  I replaced my old Infratonic (that was still working) with the cordless Chi Palm. Quite a few new products have been developed…read more

A Deeper Sleep

Hi, I find that using the Chi Palm above my head while sleeping has helped with a deeper sleep. Very gratifying.   Thank you. Mary Leck

Successfully Reduced Both Acute and Chronic pain…

I am pleased to let you know that I have used the Infratonic in my practice and am extremely impressed with the results. I have noticed in patients reporting excellent pain ablation and pain management,…read more

Real Value to People in Pain

I am writing this letter to let you know of the continued positive experience I am having in using the Infratonic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] with patients. I have been treating patients with the Infratonic for…read more

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