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Find out why thousands of people across America own a CHI Institute product.

We want all people to be at their best. With devices designed to help the world be healthy and happy, we are helping make that possible – one satisfied customer at a time. See what people are saying about CHI Institute. How have we enhanced our Tribe’s Human Experience?

From an animal communicator…

Also, I sent a CHI Sun to Allecia Maine, an animal communicator and distance healer for her evaluation. The following are four audio recordings she sent starting with the day she first used the CHI…read more

We are huge fans of Richard Lee’s work!

We use the CHI Palm often, appreciating how it has helped us heal through injuries, surgeries and auto-immune disorders. So I was excited when I recently received Richard’s new CHI Sun and immediately started using…read more

12 Hours of Healing with the CHI Palm

A horse stepped on my foot!!! First photo is immediately after the horse stepped on my foot. The second is an hour later after having the CHI Palm on acute for an hour. I slept…read more

My Dog’s Spinal Paralysis

My Daschund had jumped off the couch and damaged a vertebrae in his back.  He became more paralyzed by the hour.  The vet gave him a shot to relax the muscles and nerves, but gave…read more

I attribute my avoiding surgery to the CHI Palm…

On July 1, 2023, my sweet and strong pup (80 pounds, a beautiful Golden Retriever), Kody, suddenly decided to take me along on a squirrel hunt. His leash was hanging on my right wrist as…read more

I was very peaceful, full of love and peace.

I was very interested on hearing your comments about Mariola experiencing some detox. I agree with having people start with 1-2 minutes. I experience no detox symptoms with that. My guys said that even with…read more

Noticed profound changes after 7 days of CHI Sun Use…

I sleep w/ it and have the most vivid pleasant dreams. I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. I go though out my day w/ ease & grace. I have been nurturing myself more by…read more

The relief lasted all night…

In regards to my Menstrual Cramps – An intense stabbing pain woke me up. Really bad cramps. I applied the Infratonic DEEP signal and got a little increased pain for about 3 minutes, then got…read more

What every horse owner should know…

I am so happy and pleased with the remarkable results the Equitonic 9 produces, I can’t imagine owning a horse without one! I can’t stop talking about it. I want every horse owner to know…read more

So many safe and wonderful uses!

The Equitonic 9 is always in my bag, (as well as beside my bed!). From placing it on the sternum (at the girth) for either pain relief or to ground the horse, to stimulating acupuncture…read more

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