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CHI Wellness for Pets
Unleash the Healing Power of Love
CHI Devices Transform Lives of Pets and Owners Alike!

These devices are not just for you but extend their healing touch to your cherished pets, embodying a true union of care and love. By emitting therapeutic soundwaves across the alpha, delta, and theta frequency ranges, they unlock a treasure trove of health benefits. From battling inflammation to easing stress and anxiety, and boosting blood circulation, the scope of their healing is vast.

But the magic doesn’t stop at physical well-being. Our CHI devices, including the versatile CHI Palm and Sun, delve deeper, addressing the emotional and mental layers of health. They pave the way for a holistic healing journey that encompasses both mind and body, ensuring you and your furry companions can enjoy a serene, balanced state of calm. Step into a world where wellness is a shared journey, with CHI devices that promise safety, effectiveness, and remarkable outcomes for both humans and animals alike.

Treat Your Animals with the CHI Palm
Treating Pets with the CHI Palm
Richard Lee Treating Horses with the Equitonic
Our Legacy: From Equitonic to CHI Palm
The Evolution of Natural Animal Wellness Technology

The Equitonic Line: Celebrating nearly two decades of success in enhancing equine wellness, our journey began with the Equitonic devices, designed specifically for horses.

Introducing CHI Palm: The latest innovation, CHI Palm, integrates the capabilities of the Infratonic and Equitonic into a single, versatile unit. With adjustable frequency intensity and signals fine-tuned for animals, the CHI Palm is equipped to address the wellness needs of your entire animal family.

CHI Performance Horse Solution
Treating Horses with the CHI Palm
The CHI Palm Performance Horse Solution

In “The CHI Palm Performance Horse Solution,” David Donathan offers a revolutionary approach to the well-being of performance horses, harnessing the power of the CHI Palm device. Recognizing the intense demands placed on these magnificent animals, Donathan delves into the intricate world of equine myofascial health. Performance horses, though bred for agility and strength, often suffer due to the unnatural stresses of rigorous training and performance, leading to a condition Donathan terms ‘too sore to touch.’ This sensitivity arises from the tightening of the horse’s myofascial or connective tissue, a critical component of their musculoskeletal system that, when stressed, loses flexibility and forms painful knots.

Donathan’s book is a deep dive into the science of myofascial tissues—the web-like layers that envelop the horse’s muscles, consisting of collagen, elastin, and a gel complex. He explains how these layers, when damaged or stressed, can lead to restricted movement and diminished performance, as the fascia reorganizes itself to protect the horse from further trauma, resulting in stiffness and pain.

This innovative approach not only alleviates physical symptoms but also promotes a deeper connection between the horse and its handler, tapping into the life force energy, Chi, to foster a state of balance and well-being. “The CHI Palm Performance Horse Solution” is not just a book; it’s a testament to the transformative power of combining traditional wisdom with modern technology for the health and happiness of performance horses.

David Donathan embarked on the journey to develop "The CHI Palm Performance Horse Solution" driven by his passion and commitment to enhancing the well-being of performance horses, without any external funding.
To support his invaluable contributions to the equine community and to ensure the continuation of his pioneering work, we encourage you to use his affiliate code, Bodywurx10, when ordering your CHI devices. Not only will this code grant you a 10% discount on your purchase and free shipping, but it will also directly support David’s ongoing efforts and research. By choosing to use Bodywurx10, you’re not just saving on your order; you’re actively contributing to a cause that benefits the health and performance of horses worldwide. For questions on this booklet or the protocols outlined, you can email David at
or you can visit his website at
Because a Happy Pet is a Health Pet
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