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CHI News Brief Archive

Dive deep into our archives where every newsletter is a step towards enlightenment in the journey of natural healing and wellness. As pioneers in natural healing medical devices, we’ve chronicled our journey, discoveries, and the transformative power of alternative natural therapies through these pages. Here, you’ll find a collection of all our past newsletters, each brimming with insights, tips, and stories that have guided our community closer to harmony and health. And, if you haven’t already subscribed to our newsletter you can subscribe below.

CHI Relief for Prostate Pain and Inflammation

Reduce Prostate Inflammation Today!

Are you dealing with prostate inflammation? Say goodbye to discomfort and urinary difficulties with the CHI Palm Prostate Inflammation Protocol!…

Muscoskeletal Pain

Free From Pain

We are all looking for the quick fix but looking back, there was no one thing that made the difference.…

Say No to Colds

The New View of Colds and Flu

Unlock the secrets to strengthen your immune system against colds and flu. The common cold, in decades past, was commonly…

Effectiveness of New Years Resolutions

The Effectiveness of New Years Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are as much of a tradition as fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant. Have you ever wondered…

Christmas Love

From Fear to Love

I was surprised to learn that, while love is associated with a smooth flow of all frequencies, different sorts of…

Childs Struggle with Stress and Attention Deficit

Children’s Struggles with ADHD and Stress

With the start of the new school season and the stresses of the Holiday Season, a child’s life (and the…

CHI Sun Dissolves Emptiness

New Hope for Emptiness and Addiction

From Emptiness to Enlightenment: We investigate the CHI Sun’s Role with Connie Otso. What causes emptiness? If you believe in…

The CHI Sun Nurtures the Soul

CHI Sun User Reports

In this issue we discuss CHI Sun User Reports. I was expecting more reports on better sleeping and metabolic detox.…


Early Reports on CHI Sun

Early reports from CHI Sun owners are as broad spectrum as they are exciting. I have been using the Chi…

CHI Palm & Sun Winners

Winners of CHI Palms | NEW CHI Sun Contest

More than 300 of you now have the CHI Sun and have been applying it for a wide variety of…

CHI Bone Fracture Clinic

Bone Healing Breakthroughs with CHI Palm

In this issue, we highlight one of the most high-profile applications of the CHI Palm and Infratonic therapy toward accelerated…

Chaos Healing Therapy

Unlock Your Potential: New CHI Sun + Self Healing Resources

Our bodies are chaotic organisms. We thrive on the unknown. However, when we are unable to process information, it becomes…

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