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Richard Lee, Founder / Inventor
Take a Deep Dive into Richard's Philosophy

Welcome to Richard’s corner! Here you will find extremely in depth information on CHI Institute, our mission, healing, ideas on the world and more. Read through Richard’s blog and enjoy his depth of articles . Use our “Ask The Inventor” section to submit a question directly to Richard. We’re glad you’re here! Let us know how we can help you on your journey.

Struggles with Struggle

Struggle captures the mission of CHI. Every one of our products and methods seeks to help you reduce different sorts of struggle. At the same time, worthy struggles are opportunities to gain confidence and willpower.

Presence Versus Analytical Mind

The analytical mind is revered in western culture almost as much as the wisdom of nature is revered in indigenous cultures. When we base our world view on assumptions, as the analytical mind must, we find that our world view is removed from the real world. However when we are 100% present with the world around us, we witness the world exactly as it is, free of limiting, and often misleading assumptions.

Nessor Technology and Reactive Lies

In research with shamanic plant medicines, we found that the conscious awareness is shifted from the artificial constructs of the analytical mind to an identification and often merging with plants and animals in the natural world in the present moment. This involves dissolving assumptions which include negative perspectives and limitations about ourselves. As an example, the “inner critic” repeats reactive lies like “I am not worthy” “I always make mistakes”, “it is impossible”, and “I am not lovable”. We discovered that very low frequency signals delivered both acoustically and electrostatic ally help to dissolve the reactive lies so they can be replaced with Foundational Truths, those principles that apply to cellular life in the natural world. We call this Nessor Technology.

Jing / Qi / Shen and Human Vitality

Much of the work at Chi Institute is based on ancient Taoist views on human vitality, and that it acts as a foundation for three distinct levels of human consciousness. Jing supports the unconscious. Qi supports the conscious awareness and emotions. Shen supports the higher, intuitive knowing that is associated with Spirit or the higher mind (not the analytical mind which is only a product of the nervous system). The work of CHI Institute has been to understand the nature of each of these forms of consciousness and to develop devices and methods which clear these forms of consciousness of a variety of forms of struggle.

Self Care

Self care is not medicine or health insurance. It is taking our own health and well being into our own hands because the medical system profits from our illness and suffering, not our wellness. We are only safe if we do those things that really make us healthy.

My Philosophy

If you want to know more about my basic perspectives that embody my writings, these articles may be helpful.

Books by Richard Lee

Explore the science of human energy and the potential for increased health, healing and happiness. Follow Richards scientific journey through his published books.

Books by Richard Lee
8 Steps to Life
Bioelectric Vitality
Scientific Investigations into Chinese Qi-Gong
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