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Richard's Corner

Welcome to Richard’s corner! Here you will find extremely in depth information on CHI Institute, our mission, healing, ideas on the world and more. Read through Richard’s blog and enjoy his depth of articles . Use our “Ask The Inventor” section to submit a question directly to Richard.

We are glad you’re here. Let us know how we can help you along your journey.

Richards Corner
Dive deep into the world of Richard's writing
Why Does Disillusionment Hurt So Much

Why does Disillusionment Hurt So Much?

We have all had someone betray us or abandon us, whether family, friends, at school…

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2020: Year of Becoming

2020: The Year of Becoming

The entire world is in transition with two billion people still locked down because of…

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Who is Richard Lee?

Who is Richard Lee, the founder of CHI Institute?

In this time of hidden agendas politicians are betraying their voting bases and news sources…

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Chaos Therapy

World-Wide Chaos Therapy

We often take our lives for granted, but not these days. Around the world, there…

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The Present Moment

The Present Moment

Time is flying by, or so it seems. And yet, the present moment is always…

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Reactive Lies vs. Foundational Truths

Reactive Lies VS. Foundational Truths

You know that little voice in your head or feeling in your heart? The one…

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Shen: Cultivating Wisdom

Shen: Cultivating the Wisdom

Much has been written about “thinking but not knowing”. This is analytical processing without.…
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