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Richard's Corner

Welcome to Richard’s corner! Here you will find extremely in depth information on CHI Institute, our mission, healing, ideas on the world and more. Read through Richard’s blog and enjoy his depth of articles . Use our “Ask The Inventor” section to submit a question directly to Richard.

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Richards Corner
Dive deep into the world of Richard's writing
Richard Lee, Owner/Founder

Who is Richard Lee?

In this time of hidden agendas politicians are betraying their voting bases and news sources…

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Reactive Lies VS. Foundational Truths

You know that little voice in your head or feeling in your heart? The one…

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Shen: Cultivating the Wisdom

Much has been written about “thinking but not knowing”. This is analytical processing without insight.…

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Are EMFs Good for You?

The human vital field is remarkable in its ability to protect our bodies from environmental…

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What is Vitality?

Vitality is not best described as big muscles, loudness or aggressiveness. It is better described as…

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Dissolving Chronic Pain in Tendons, Ligaments, and Connective Tissue’s

Last month I was traveling in Mainland China and went to a Tui na therapist. I asked him to focus his attention on the pain and tightness around my…

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A Season to Radiate Gratefulness

The holiday season is a time for gratitude, reflection, pulling in and appreciating what we…

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Our Scientific Scoop on Oxidative Pollution

Learn about the dangers of oxidative pollution facing humanity, as well as the health impact of higher atmospheric concentrations of oxidizing…
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Men’s Health: Understanding the Challenges

My father is in pain. I want to get him something that will improve his health and relieve his suffering. The problem is that he just doesn’t seem to care…
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Travis Ortmayer: This Strongman Wants You To Realize Your Innate Power

This Strongman Wants You to Realize Your Innate Power

Travis Ortmayer knows a thing or two about strength. In 2009, he pulled a jet plane weighing forty-four tons as part of the World’s Strongest Man…
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