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Let us introduce ourselves…

Here at CHI Institute we integrate ancient Eastern wellness with pioneering modern technology to create our Infratonic products – machines that emit soundwaves in the alpha, delta and theta ranges to  reduce inflammation, dissipate feelings of stress and anxiety, and increase blood circulation. Based on scientific research surrounding Qigong Masters and the low frequencies emitted from their hands, our machines utilize similar frequencies to promote healing throughout the body. Beyond facilitating physical healing, our soundwave frequency machines address the body and mind as a whole, encouraging healing of anxiety, unconscious trauma, and enhancing our human experiences.

… and join your wellness journey.

CHI Palm Healing

Learn more about natural healing with CHI Institute. Scroll through our product to find which of our offerings are right for you; as well as find any accessories or charger replacements.

CHI Animal Healing

Did you know our machines are effective and safe to use on pets of all kinds? Learn how to use these on horses, dogs, cats – any animal that is healing from injury or struggling with anxiety,

CHI Services

Learn about our repair services, trade up program and warranty policies. We stand behind our products and are here to help. If you need a repair or trade up, start here!

CHI Resources

Dive into the world of CHI Institute! Learn about soundwave healing, Qi-Gong, user reports and feedback, or ask the inventor a question!

Simple. Easy.

Holistic healing doesn’t need to be complicated. Hold it in the Palm of your hands.

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