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Infrasonic Therapy (Stochastic Resonance Therapy)

For the past 30 years CHI Institute has pioneered the development of Infrasonic Therapy: the application of low frequency sound to reduce pain, induce calm, and accelerate recovery. In scientific terms, this is best described as Stochastic Resonance Therapy, which is the application of noise, or a highly unpredictable signal to a system to improve it’s function or sensitivity. CHI products, most notably the CHI Palm, apply noise, or a highly variable signal within specific frequency and phase angle for people to enhance their human experience.

One of the ways the function of infrasonic therapy has been verified and quantified is through the medical discipline of neuroscience. How does infrasonic therapy alter the function of the brain and nervous system? Further, how is this beneficial to consciousness and accelerated recovery. The following are foundational studies which shine light on the relationship between infrasonic therapy and well-being.

Early in the testing of Infrasonic Therapy, doctors and researchers were unsatisfied with brainwave changes and infrared thermography changes and were asking for more physical measures. For this we turned to animal studies and found that groups of standardbred racehorses who ran the same workouts, and ate the same food every day, and were genetically very similar, provided very precisely controlled experiments. Researchers found the reductions in inflammatory chemicals in bloodwork and improvement in the quantity and quality of hyaluronic acid in the hocks of horses treated with infrasonic therapy to be persuasive research, the “gold standard” of medical research.

Several researchers dived in to test the value of infrasonic therapy in their field of medical specialization and found that it provides measurable benefit most everywhere that it is applied. How is this possible? The answer is not the sort of precise biochemical effects offered by many pharmaceuticals, but rather, in removing obstacles to teamwork among cells for accelerated recovery. Note the wide variety of tested applications.

Oxidative Pollution Research

This environmental health hazzard has been ignored by modern researchers because they assume that high energy UV radiation, when it enters air, is quickly absorbed (this is true) and that this dangerous radiation is quickly dissipated by the air. (This is false. It is absorbed and transported by the air.)

CHI Guard Removes Oxidative Pollution from Seawater

What is Oxidative Pollution

Oxidative pollution is, essentially the transport of ionizing UV radiation within the bond angles of air molecules. This is essentially a study of EMF radiation but focusing on the very high frequency EMF in the ultraviolet spectrum. Car engines appear to be the primary source of oxidative pollution in urban and suburban areas. This ionizing radiation when it enters the human body, creates elevated free radicals which inflame conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and accelerate aging.

Studies Quantifying Effects of Oxidative Pollution

The following three studies were conducted at Chi Institute to verify the existence of Oxidative Pollution and to quantify it’s effects:

Kirlian/Vitalization (CHI Stone) Research

The CHI Stone is highly effective for increasing comfort during and after air travel. It resulted from years of experimentation with a progression of personal air travel vitalizers. As we studied these devices we learned that the CHI Stone has more applications than just making air travel more comfortable and getting rid of jetlag.

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