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Power Issues

Power issues can be urna libero, vitae eleifend urna gravida eget. Sed eu neque nec dolor dapibus scelerisque in quis tellus. In leo ligula, commodo in sem eget, fermentum blandit magna. Mauris eget diam tincidunt, condimentum velit et, rutrum libero. Maecenas quis fermentum nisl, at tempus sem. Mauris ut ornare arcu, eget condimentum augue.

My Infratonic 9 won’t turn on

First step is to put a new battery in the unit. If a new battery (fully charged) is put into…

My Infratonic 9 won’t turn off.

When your Infratonic 9 won’t turn off, you will need to reset your unit by removing the battery for up…

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