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Repairs can be requested here. Vitae eleifend urna gravida eget. Sed eu neque nec dolor dapibus scelerisque in quis tellus. In leo ligula, commodo in sem eget, fermentum blandit magna. Mauris eget diam tincidunt, condimentum velit et, rutrum libero. Maecenas quis fermentum nisl, at tempus sem. Mauris ut ornare arcu, eget condimentum augue.

Can you repair my older unit?

If your Infratonic is more than 10 years old, there are some things that cannot be repaired. However, we can…

Do you sell old transducers (a.k.a. “wands”)?

No.  The old style units have been out of production for 12 years.

What does the 1-year labor warranty cover?

Within one year of purchasing any of our Sound Vitality products, we will repair or replace your product(s) at no…

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