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Give New Life to Your CHI Devices

Experience swift and dependable repairs for all your CHI devices. Is your device experiencing charging issues? No matter the age of your device, our dedicated team is here to assist you promptly, ensuring your device receives the care it needs. Before you start the repair process please review the following tech notes.

CHI Palm Replacement BatteryBattery Pack

Does your battery need replacement?

If your unit has stopped working or only works for a short amount of time after a full charge, you may simply need a replacement battery and not a more expensive repair. Rechargeable Nickel Cadmium batteries have a shorter use life than a Lithium Ion battery.

CHI Palm Infratonic 11

If you are experiencing issues that may be related to the battery (ex. machine not holding a charge) or the lights, please attempt the following:


Remove battery from unit for at least 10 seconds, then reinstall the battery and turn on the machine

Lights Malfunctioning

Charge for at least 8 hours to see if lights reset. If not, perform a hard reset.

Infratonic / Equitonic 9 | Infratonic S | Scalene Light

If you are experiencing issues that may be related to either the battery (for example the machine not holding a charge), or the lights (appropriate lights not seen while charging), please attempt the following:


Hold power button for 10-15 seconds until machine turns off/resets

Still having devices issues? See our three repair options below.

We offer three (3) levels of repair from $69 to $139. Depending on the issues specific to your device it will be fixed in accordance with these repair levels. If there are additional issues we may call you to verify the repair needs.

All Repair Levels Include the Following

  • Diagnosis of the Unit
  • For I-9, E-9, S-Liberator, and Scalene Unit Series: New Battery Replacement, Blue Power/Mode Buttons, CHI and Power/Mode Stickers, and White Rubber Feet
  • Cleaning of the Entire Unit
  • Circuit Board Adjustment, Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Any Necessary Adjustments to the Magnet, Diaphragm, Battery, and/or Chip

Level 1 Repair


This level includes the following additional services:

  • CHI Palm: Replacement of Battery Spring, Power/Mode Buttons, and Hard Drop Repairs
  • I-8000, I-8, and Chaos Units: Transducer Wand repairs (Note: Power Boxes are not repaired but refurbished units may be available for purchase)

Level 2 Repair


Includes everything in Level 1 plus:

  • I-9, E-9, S-Liberator, and Scalene Unit Series: Diaphragm Replacement
  • CHI Palm: Copper Bobbin Driver Coil, or any Minor Internal Soldering

Level 2 Repair


Includes everything in Level 2 plus:

  • I-9, E-9, S-Liberator, and Scalene Unit Series: Circuit Board Replacement
  • CHI Palm: Circuit Board Replacement
How the Repair Process Works

These instructions will be included in the email you receive once you complete the Repair Request form.

  1. Scroll down to complete the Repair Service Form.
  2. Once submitted, you will receive a copy of that form to your email.
  3. Print the email we sent you.
  4. Package up your machine and enclose a copy of the REPAIR email inside the box with your device.

5. Ship your device to:

CHI Institute
Attn: Repair Department
1160 Selmi Dr Ste 401
Reno, NV 89512

Complete the Repair Service Form Below

Please complete the form below to start your repair service request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your repair or the repair process? Many of your questions may be answered below.

Can my machine be repaired?

In most cases, yes. Our repair department performs a full inspection to diagnose the problem and tests every machine to ensure its functionality once the work is complete.

What if my machine is unrepairable?

If your machine is 10+ years old, we cannot guarantee that every issue can be repaired as those machines are no longer being manufactured and spare parts are limited. If the repair cannot be completed for any reason, we will contact you with that information and provide you with alternative options.

How long will my repair take?

Most repairs take about 8-10 business days, which includes transit time to/from us.

Please be aware that delivery carriers may be experiencing delays during peak times. When shipping your machine(s) to us, it is your responsibility to monitor the package while it is still in transit. We do not take responsibility for your machine until it is delivered, and we have it in-house.

Will this be covered under warranty?

Every machine comes with a 1-year warranty that begins from the date of purchase. If a repair or replacement is needed within this period, it will be done at no charge. If any work falls outside of this warranty period, you will be responsible for all associated costs.

Do you require using a certain carrier when I ship my device to you?

No, we do not. You may use whatever carrier (ex. Post Office, UPS, FedEx, etc.) is most convenient for you.

Is my package insured?

We ship packages via USPS Priority Mail, which automatically provides insurance up to $50. If you would like to insure your package(s) when shipping to us, you are responsible for those costs.

Still Have a Question?

We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Email us at or call us at (800) 682-7061 

All repairs come with a 3-month warranty

Our machines are not waterproof – any water damage will void your warranty.

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