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I find these days that I am always happy. It is an actual Presence that hums through my being no matter what is going on outside of myself. I would say it is Happiness, but also a Love for all beings as I ‘know’ our Oneness. The more I stay connected, the stronger it becomes and the more the ‘world’ fades away. I know it is a result of all the work I’ve done, with the recent help of the Chi Sun, to remove the blocks to Love’s presence, my Connection to Source. I am finally finding my true Self, ironically by losing myself.

I knew when I was drawn to take a somewhat mindless job at this grocery store that there was a reason for it, so I trusted my HS and took it. I am not hampered by a lot of responsibility/problem solving and have learned the freedom of just ‘being’ in the world, I am always extremely happy at work and freely express it around others. That has proven to be interesting. Many are drawn to it, though they don’t understand that it is the Light of the Happiness/Source that they are drawn to, and not the physical form it is expressing through. Others are repelled/afraid of the Light they are sensing and I’ve learned to dial the happiness down to a gentle level that they can handle.

People’s reactions to Light is extremely interesting. In the case of one old man, a little unnerving as I’m afraid he’s going to start stalking me (interesting because I think he feels a need to stomp this Light out by use of his ‘religious’ ideas). But fascinating because they have no idea what it is that draws or repels them. It reminds me of sleepwalkers. Sometimes I haven’t had a chance to ‘read’ someone who shows up in my line and this Light hits them, some will actually rear backwards as if being physically hit, some shrink backwards, some are fascinated and I watch them studying me trying to figure it out.

It’s all been an interesting lesson for me. One that I don’t really understand why it is important for me to learn…but here I am.

Meeting your essence above on this beautiful, cold Sunday morning.
– Connie Otso –
Navigating School and the CHI Sun

CHI SunI met Richard though fated chance, a common occurrence, I’m coming to realize, when the intriguing energies of the CHI are involved. I shared with him how overwhelming college and life had been. Almost intuitively, Richard lent me a CHI Sun with minimal explanation about its mechanisms or uses. He encouraged me to use it. I prefer going into most experiences without much pretext, as I believe it leads to more authentic and unbiased outcomes. As such, my experience with the CHI Sun was uninformed, and I used it for the first three days while falling asleep.

My initial observation was entering a deep, almost meditative half-sleep state when placing the CHI Sun on my heart as I lay down for the night. For the first time in months, I felt not just a sense of peace but the absence of thought, feeling, emotion, and attachment. I wasn’t even aware of how much emotional weight I carried until it was lifted. When the first stage of the CHI Sun session came to its natural end, I opened my eyes after some time, feeling a peace I hadn’t experienced in a long time. For a survivor of domestic violence, the accumulated and normalized adrenal fatigue one carries can cast a perpetual shadow of uncertainty, dread, and anticipation over one’s mind, heart, and mood. It’s easy to lose sight of what life can be without it.

Upon switching the CHI Sun to its second setting, I rapidly fell into a deep, dreamless sleep and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and rested for the first time in a very long while. That morning, intrusive thoughts of doubt and doom, which had become like shadowed companions, were replaced by a vision of a spiraling beam of light rising from my crown and piercing the darkness that had shrouded my life for months, possibly years. In its sudden absence, I realized that the darkness, once so familiar and consistent, had become an integral part of my subconscious, visible to me only in its absence.

I maintained my CHI Sun routine for the next three days. It’s important to avoid making broad assumptions since causation doesn’t necessarily imply correlation. However, in the week that followed, various long-standing issues in my life reached their climax. These issues had slowly been unfolding and contributing to a sense of disharmony. The dissonance between my heart and mind had persisted for months, if not years. Whether it was a matter of timing, the natural alignment of multiple factors, or the assistance of the CHI Sun’s chaotic frequencies, it’s clear that during those three days of use, events in my life fell into place more smoothly, and I found it easier to process and integrate them, moving toward an emotional peak.

— J Sutton —

Peace and tranquility: Thank you so very much for sending me the CHI Sun! I use it twice per day because my body is drawn to it. I feel a deep sense of Peace and Tranquility that keep me centered, more loving, and grateful.

I decided to write up a couple of the changes I have been seeing in the months since we started using the Chi Sun several times a week on Romeo.  The first thing was how quickly Romeo (our daughter’s 7 year old Shepard mix) recovered  physically, mentally, and emotionally after having been attacked while leashed, on a walk in his neighborhood — by a Pit Bull. Physically, his wounds healed within a couple of weeks, and he is almost back to normal. The hair the vet shaved off to expose the bites along his ribs have nearly grown back.

Romeo has almost regained his confidence and friendly personality, even bravely playing with new dogs at a new day care, something I didn’t know whether to expect.  He was so traumatized after the attack! Prior to the incident, he’d been such a confident, playful, outgoing but respectful boy. Gradually, he has recovered most of his former personality.

Yesterday, he was visiting at our house and the noise from the airplanes practicing for the Huntington Beach Airshow was very loud as they flew over our back yard. We live about 3 miles from the beach. He almost seemed to ignore the loud engine noises!  In previous years, he has been frightened and nervous during Airshow week.

Richard, thank you for the amazingly effective devices you have invented! Gina, thank you for listening to my Romeo stories and for encouraging me to share my experiences with the Chi Sun.

To be fair, we have been using the Chi Palm frequently during the whole time, but these improvements occurred after we got our Chi Sun.

God bless you all! — Mary

Allecia MaineAlso, I sent a CHI Sun to Allecia Maine, an animal communicator and distance healer for her evaluation. The following are four audio recordings she sent starting with the day she first used the CHI Sun.

For more information about Allecia Maine and her Emerging Consciousness Workshop, or her work as an Animal Intuitive / Communicator / Healer click here.

  1. Allecia’s first use of the CHI Sun. She puts it on the heart and feels it interact with not only heart, but also trigeminal nerve. (This may indicate interacting with the Vagus nerve.).


  2. The two CHI Sun signals…


  3. The morning after first use of the CHI Sun.


  4. Follow up on the 3rd day of using the CHI Sun. the first 2min 29 seconds.
I, as well as my animals are huge fans of Richard Lee’s work.

We use the CHI Palm often, appreciating how it has helped us heal through injuries, surgeries and auto-immune disorders. So I was excited when I recently received Richard’s new CHI Sun and immediately started using it without bothering to read the accompanying literature as I assumed I knew how these devices work. I admit I was a little taken aback and intrigued as I quickly realized this device was somehow very different.

I couldn’t feel it working on my physical body like the other devices. It was something much more subtle but I could feel it doing something even if I didn’t understand what. At first, every time I used it, I would receive the imagery of the CHI Sun working on a straight line within myself. Though I didn’t understand, I was beginning to see that Richard had developed something truly extraordinary, and as I continued to use it regularly, I found myself looking forward to my sessions.

I found myself looking forward to my sessions.

Always, I would see this straight line which was being strengthened and reworked…until eventually things began to unfold. Then they happened quite rapidly. I could feel a connection being made, it seems to be a connection between my lower and higher self and beyond to my connection with All That Is. I realized the straight line I kept experiencing was the CHI Sun helping to straighten out my system where I was still clogged, or maybe a better way to say it is where I was still experiencing blocks to my true Self. I started experiencing more clarity. The openings that were being facilitated within me were allowing me to recognize and follow guidance that culminated in a giant aha! moment where I finally understood fully and clearly what I came to this lifetime to achieve, and what my spiritual gifts are and how I would use them. While I was already aware of this on some level, it was still murky and I didn’t fully understand my purpose. I have no doubt the CHI Sun helped to facilitate my seeing and understanding the ‘big picture’ of my life’s spiritual purpose.

While this has been my experience, I sense that the CHI Sun will meet each of us where we are and assist us where we need.

I have enjoyed Richard’s amazing work for many years, but I am so blown away by this latest device of his, the CHI Sun. I find myself sitting here shaking my head in disbelief and awe, at a loss for the right words.

I am so grateful to Richard for being so in tune with his spiritual guidance system, and along with his great love for humanity has been able to create on this level, a device to help guide us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe.

Connie Otso
I have been using the Chi Sun for 7 days and I notice a profound change.

I was very interested on hearing your comments about Mariola experiencing some detox. I agree with having people start with 1-2 minutes. I experience no detox symptoms with that. My guys said that even with that lower time, it is still working. I plan on using it the easiest way possible for me. Because it helps me sleep deeper, I am able to detox. I have noticed more urination at night but thought it was because I was drinking more water.

When I first used it for 15 minutes before bed, the immediate response was a bad headache, exhausted and feeling sleepy. I went to bed and woke up in the morning with many bad symptoms. I kept using it anyway for about 5 days and those symptoms remained. I took homeopathy and stopped using CHI Sun to get relief. The brain fog then disappeared.

Her comment about time is interesting. I am finding the same thing. I feel peaceful but go slower than usual and I have to be very focused cuz I am accident prone. I also have brain fog. This was not happening before I used the Chi Sun. I feel a bit out of my body. It could be the Sun or the detox process but I think it is the Sun and the level it takes us to. The other night, after I used it, I went to this other high place. I was very peaceful, full of love and peace. This stopped after about 10 minutes… a very nice feeling.

I can't use the Sun during that day cuz it makes me sleepy. I use The CHI Sun at night to help me sleep.

I can’t use the Sun during that day cuz it makes me sleepy. I use it at night to help me sleep. When I now go to bed I feel very grounded, peaceful and strong..a sort of “whole” feeling. For the first time, I feel like I could stop using some of my objects that I have slept with for 10 years to help break the frequencies that bother me. I am not quite ready for that….a huge step.

When I get up now, I feel peaceful, whole, and grounded. The more days I use the Sun, the longer that feeling lasts during the day.

Barbara L.
I have been using the Chi Sun for 7 days and I notice a profound change.

I sleep w/ it and have the most vivid pleasant dreams. I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. I go though out my day w/ ease & grace. I have been nurturing myself more by eating super healthy and committing to a 3 day per week yoga practice. My desire to live life in the present moment and be the best person I can possibly be tells me the Chi Sun is helping to facilitate these positive changes, feelings & actions.

Thank you CHI Institute for creating the ChI Palm: It is upgrading my consciousness in such a good positive way 🙂

Corona Neri
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