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Find out why thousands of people across America own a CHI Institute product.

We want all people to be at their best. With devices designed to help the world be healthy and happy, we are helping make that possible – one satisfied customer at a time. See what people are saying about CHI Institute. How have we enhanced our Tribe’s Human Experience?

Nessor has had a more profound impact on my life…

I was fortunate to get to meet Richard, the founder & owner of Sound Vitality, a little over a year ago. I had just bought a new car and found I was bothered by the…read more

l am so pleased to be living life in this new wonderful and peaceful way!

I am 73 years old and am delighted to find out that I can live life in a peaceful and calm state. Even my grandchildren and children knew something was wonderfully different about me. It's…read more

CHI Guest User
It was such an amazing relief…

For the first time, I was able to public speak without any anxiety whatsoever. I felt focused and centered, and my presentation went great! It was such an amazing relief to be able to public…read more

Kim - Infratonic
We are very pleased!

We have been working with Sound Vitality since 2008, and are very pleased with the Infratonic Sound Science. The Infratonic 9 has helped Jack not only with his sleeping issues, but when he wakes up…read more

In 6 weeks, my shoulder was completely healed!

I made started 30 minute sessions with [ Infratonic 9 ] two times per week. I noticed my shoulder was feeling better and better and the pain was going away. In 6 weeks, my shoulder was completely…read more

Laura - Infratonic
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