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Find out why thousands of people across America own a CHI Institute product.

We want all people to be at their best. With devices designed to help the world be healthy and happy, we are helping make that possible – one satisfied customer at a time. See what people are saying about CHI Institute. How have we enhanced our Tribe’s Human Experience?

I love the CHI Palm! I use it on myself at home every night…

I love the CHI Palm! I use it on myself at home every night – sometimes all night while sleeping – sometimes just when sitting in my chair reading. I also share it with my…read more

My doctors are amazed, and I expect to completely recover…

I have Lupus, Polymyositis, Addison’s Disease and Osteoarthritis with multiple joint pain. I also have a herniated disk and Fibromyalgia. Treated at pain site, eyes, acupuncture pressure points. I use (Mind) and treat myself everyday…read more

Cures that conventional medicine cannot explain…

This device has had lots of hard & beneficial use, lots of all night sessions. Our family is continually astounded with the value, health-wise, which is packed into this small device.  As we age, currently…read more

Reduced pain, can run and jump again!

Swollen knee, inflamed Achilles tendon. Swept with transducer (Mind) for 10 minutes. Reduced pain, can run and jump again. Full flexation in ankle.  

6 out of 5 stars for me!

I have been with CHI Institute for about 8 years and I currently have the Infratonic 9! I have had 12 surgeries ranging from spine, shoulder rebuilding, and knees. The first 2 surgeries I did…read more

Wonderful product, for me and my dog!

I was very happy to receive the Equitonic 9.  I have an old break of my tibia which did not heal straight along with multiple fractures on the head of the tibia.  I recently suffered…read more

Complete turnaround in 24-36 hours!

We have given one [Infratonic 9] to our friends who have a son with Downs Syndrome. He suffers from a very bad cough and has been diagnosed with RSV in the past. His parents use…read more

Helped dissolve my anxiety from the pandemic…

I am 82 so have frequent bouts of arrhythmia and the Infratonic immediately puts me back in rhythm. Also at this age, I have random aches and pains which are relieved right away. My main use…read more

I’m absolutely loving the Infratonic!!! 

I’m absolutely loving the Infratonic!!! There has not been a day without using it since it has arrived. This is my story: I have suffered from an illness that lasted for 15 years. I had to take…read more

So thankful to CHI for making my life better…

I plugged in the Chi Guards for my home right away. One is next to my bed and am sleeping better. I am dealing with a bad flare of my ulcerative colitis right now and am…read more

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