I cannot believe anyone wouldn’t try it

I first became acquainted with the Sound Vitality company over twenty years ago. My mother bought the equine unit for our horses. Approximately twelve years ago, I tore a muscle in my shoulder. It was very painful and I couldn’t lift it or move it away from my body. I was told after an MRI that I would need surgery. My mother brought me her machine and within two days, I could lift my arm out and away from my body and above my head. I got a cortisone shot and avoided surgery. Needless to say, I bought one and will never be without it. My mother and I recently purchased two of the newer model, the Infratonic 9. My dad uses it for restless leg syndrome. I am using it on a dog with an enlarged heart to move fluid and also on a hurt horse to repair damage from a severe cut. Needless to say, I know it works and anyone who tries it will never be without one, especially if you have chronic pain and you find relief. With a thirty-day guarantee, I cannot believe anyone wouldn’t try it. It REALLY works.

-Sharon Core

The doctor could not believe my progress!

Three years ago, I had a torn rotator cuff in the left shoulder and had surgery on it, which was painful and took forever to heal. One year later, the right rotator cuff tore! I remembered the horrible ordeal and this time was more prepared. I was introduced to a lady that knew about your Sound Vitality Infratonic machine and offered to lend me hers for my impending ordeal. Let me tell you!!!!

I immediately began using the Infratonic, placing it on the site, sleeping with it on the spot, moving it around the shoulder area and the repaired bicep muscle, even moving it around on the back of the shoulder where the tense muscles were affected.

Within a week, I was moving around with little pain and within two weeks, I was pain free. The doctor could not believe my progress! My left shoulder took one year to heal and my right shoulder took only weeks! Maybe I could be an advertisement for you!

Marlene Eaton

Marvelous aid to healing

I just wanted to let you know how very much the Infratonic 8 has helped my husband. He had a torn rotator cuff and he had very little movement in his left arm. I bought him the Infratonic 8, I think around the first of the year and he began to feel results almost immediately. With the machine and exercise, he has been able to avoid surgery and now has almost full range of motion. I have used it to relieve neck and back pain. We do not know how it works, we just know it does work! We tell all of our friends and family about this marvelous aid to healing. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate CHI. Thank you.

-Carol Walters and Paul Palmer

Cured a torn rotor cuff

My daughter Twink cured a torn rotor cuff on her shoulder with an Infratonic machine. It took seven months of daily treatment and the doctor at the end of that time, thought he had made a mistake in his diagnosis.

-Sally M. Stratton (New Plymouth, ID)

The first time I was able to sleep pain free…

Problem: torn muscle, rotater cuff.

Treatment: Infratonic on pain points.

Quality of Life Improvements: The first time I was able to sleep pain free, after my 1st treatment with the Infratonic.

Greg Harlan, El Cajon, CA

Thank you for your Infratonic machine…

Thank you for your Infratonic machine. It has done wonders for me. I recently crashed my motorcycle. While taking a jump, I got my weight too far forward, and flew over the handlebars when my bike hit the ground. I tore the muscles in my lower back; from my rib cage down to my pelvis. The injury and pain was so bad that I could not leave my bed for 5 days.

I began using the Infratonic on the fourth day, and by the sixth day I was able to get around with the help of crutches. After 3 more days, I was able to graduate to a walking with a cane. Family members helped to treat me with the Infratonic several times per day, all around the affected area for at least 20 minutes at a time. I treated the area for an additional 5 days, then I threw the cane away! I continued to use the Infratonic for several more days, just to make sure everything was healing OK.

During my recuperation, I favored my right side because of the discomfort I was feeling. My back and the muscles of my left leg would spasm, and they contracted or cramped up, and I had to walk straight-legged because it hurt so bad. I decided to try to use the Infratonic on my cramped thigh muscles, and to my surprise, the leg loosened up immediately. I feel that the Infratonic definitely aided in my quick recovery from a very bad wreck. Thank you very much.

Eric Delgado, San Clemente, CA