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For 25 years, Infratonic to bypass the painful, expensive aftermath of a whiplash injury. Real People, Real Experiences:

Crash Sends Two to Hospital

Police officers and sheriff’s deputies look over a vehicle damaged in a two-car collision on Scottslawn Road Tuesday at 2:07 p.m. A sport utility vehicle driven by Cynthia Rausch, 47, 18070 Raymond Road; was stopped in the southbound lane, attempting to make a left turn, when another southbound car, driven by David Hull, 21, 14651 Smart Cole Road, struck it in the rear. Hull and Rausch were transported to Memorial Hospital of Union County. No condition reports were available today. Hull was cited for failure to maintain assured clear distance ahead.

***I awoke at dawn fearing that any wrong movement would cause excruciating pain like the night before. I moved gingerly but felt no pain. I was astounded. I felt my neck and found that it was still quite sore with light pressure. Despite my doctor’s prediction, my pain and stiffness had vanished, and never came back. Only the bruised soreness on pressure remained. I stayed home from work that day, treated myself with about six 15 minute treatments and continued muscle relaxants and Tylenol

***The second day I felt fine so I went to work. That night I gave myself two more 15 minute Infratonic treatments. The third day I went to the doctor and told him I intended to put up wall paper that evening. He responded, “No you’re not!” then hesitated, “Not until I check you out.” He put me through his range of motion tests and found that, except for the heavy bruising, I was almost normal. He was amazed. He simply couldn’t understand how I could be getting better so fast.

***The Infratonic made what could have been a life-long ordeal into a few days of inconvenience.

“Disabled Veteran. Injury to left knee (9 surgeries), lower back (3 surgeries), cervical neck (4 surgeries) and bone deterioration. Skin problem from surgeries, grafts to lower back adhesions (Mind) 2 hours per day holding in contact at place of pain. Lately, just 1 hour, a few inches above pain. Bones are no longer soft, able to withstand surgery and no danger of breaking. Pain in neck 90% relief. Back about 95% relief. Still need pain meds with strenuous activity.”

– Rev. Bob Gilley, Tyler, TX

“A 74 year old female hit a black cow at night and totaled the truck. Injury to neck and aggravated as a result cervical laminectomy. Off work from Forest Service for 6 weeks, back part time, then full time as of 4/27/02. Pain in neck area reduced considerably. Also reduced use of painkillers. Don’t feel that this could have happened so well without the Infratonic. Appreciate how fast results are achieved.”

– Elizabeth Sam Hartley, Worland, WY

“The unit is placed under the cervical spine through an ice pack while the patient is undergoing gentle passive traction for 10-20 minutes. Pain reduction and improvement in range of motion is faster than treatment with interferential. We treat 15 to 20 whiplash patients per day and the use of the Infratonic has shown a faster recover in the very acute cases.”

– Jerry L. Richardson, DC, Austin, TX

“4 Whiplash injuries, chronic pain entire left side of body. Conventional treatments unproductive, leaving me in chronic spasms. The only relief I can obtain from the chronic spasming is applying Infratonic to the spasm points in upper cervical, mid thorax and acupressure points down left side of body. Sometime I use for 10 minutes (Balance), other times for half an hour. This is a daily ritual for it is a daily problem and has been for 15 years. The only measuring tool is my ability to function. Without the treatments I have no relief from pain. Without it I would be confined to bed as I was for many years before trying the Infratonic.”

– Carol Appel, Mercer Island, WA


Whiplash is an amazing phenomenon in which trauma, anger, and fear combine to take what could be a minor neck sprain and turn it into a chronic, debilitating injury. The key emotions are those of the panicked need to protect, which gets embedded in the cells surrounding the injury site in the neck and upper back. (This often happens in the lower back, as well.) The presence of this residual emotional trauma can be identified chemically with the presence of such neurochemicals as acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter released from inflamed nerve endings that calls for muscles to contract so as to “protect,” to brace against further assaults, violent movements of the neck that might further bruise and sprain the tissue.

Because of the trauma, anger, and fear, the cure can be worse than the problem, as the acetylcholine causes increased spasm of muscles, causing compression of vertebrate, pinching of nerves, and choking off of blood flow to the area. This results in increased inflammation and increased acetylcholine production. Over the days, weeks, and months that follow the injury, this vertebral compression can further damage already tender tissues, turning a sprain into a chronic illness.

The Infratonic 9, with its patented chaos therapy communicates with the cells, dissolving their fear and the desperate need to protect by contracting. The excess production of acetylcholine can stop immediately with rapid pain relief and relaxation of muscle spasms. The Infratonic 9, applied within the first few days or weeks, can prevent much of the damage of whiplash that otherwise can result from ongoing muscle spasm, vertebral compression, pinching of nerves, and blocking of the circulation. This can mean that a “full-blown” whiplash never materializes. Applied weeks or months after the whiplash syndrome has manifested, the Infratonic 9 can reduce the trauma and associated acetylcholine production and relax muscles, causing the whiplash to simply fade away.

Scientific Basis

Alpha Induces Cooperative Behavior: Research into the trembling of hands revealed that people who tremble in theta (4 to 8 Hz) tend to separate themselves from those around them and feel victimized. Those in Alpha (8 to 13 Hz) tend to view themselves as in service to the group, and those trembling in Beta (13-20 Hz) tend to be overloaded with logistical, or dilemma-type worries. It is hypothesized that, since our bodies are made up of billions of cells that communicate with each other, inducing signals in the frequency range of alpha will move cells from a “victimized” or an “overloaded” vibration into a state of group cooperation. This is supported in experiments in waiting rooms which show that, when the Infratonic is left running in a waiting room, patients are observed to be more cooperative.

Chaos Therapy® Calms Trembling: Research revealed that the advanced version with highly unpredictable signal within a narrow frequency range was far more effective than the early units at breaking up the Theta and Beta activity. This technology was based on the hypothesis that Vibrational patterns of disease and disruption of communication reside in the body, and can be reduced with highly unpredictable signals in an adjacent frequency range.

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