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I have been stricken with chronic pain, all over my body, for decades. I’ve tried just about every pill, supplement, device and treatment I could find, including treatments recommended by doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. I discovered the Infratonic in an acupunturist’s office. I noticed an immediate improvement in my pain levels whereever he had treated me. The treatments took just 10 minutes, and I knew I had to buy one. it has helped to alleviate all kinds of pain: Severe menstrual pain, tension headaches, migranes, muscle pain & tension (fibromyalgia), bruises, sprained ankles & twisted knees, osteoarthritis pains, and any other pain I may have. There is nothing like the Infratonic, it’s a must-have for me to help me live with incurable aches & pains. i wish everyone could get one, and although the cost seems high, this is not a cheap piece of junk. If you do have a problem with it the manufatucturer has great customer service. I recommend this fantastic little device to anyone who suffers from pain, because it truly makes a big difference in the quality of life.

Dana – 5 out of 5 stars

In regards to my Menstrual Cramps – An intense stabbing pain woke me up. Really bad cramps. I applied the Infratonic DEEP signal and got a little increased pain for about 3 minutes, then got occasional cramps, maybe 1 per minutes. After that, the pain was gone. Just to make sure, I slept with the Infratonic all night. I felt good the entire next day until 8 pm, when cramping started to return. I waited until 10:30 to be sure the pain had really come back, which it had, and again applied the Deep signal. This time I got a slightly increased pain, not like before. After 5 minutes all the pain was gone. I left in on for 30 minutes total. The relief lasted all night and until noon the next day, but even then, when it returned it was nothing more than minor 30 second cramps.

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