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Foundational Truth Cards


Do you ever feel a disconnect between the words you say and the emotions you feel? The desire to realign the two can be aided by our Foundational Truth Cards (available in both English and Spanish).

These cards provide affirmations that can be effective in helping you to become aware of reactive lies being held in the body and replacing those with the appropriate Foundational Truths. This works by saying the affirmations, which reveals the cognitive dissonance between your words and the feelings they inspire. This revelation allows the reactive lies to dissipate, and each repetition of the affirmation brings your “inner critic” closer to agreeing with what it says. Soon enough, the Foundational Truth will replace the reactive lie as an inner belief.

Best used alongside our Nessor unit. Simply shuffle through a few cards and repeat them to yourself during a session; repeating these affirmations will help you to accept them as truth in your life and wellbeing.


.25 lbs


4.75 × 3.25 × .5 in


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