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Infratonic 9

5.0 (33 reviews)



We have upgraded to the CHI Palm (Infratonic 11)!  Our CHI Palm (Infratonic 11) is our newest device that brings the Infratonic Chaos Therapy with lower frequencies, more powerful signals, and better ergonomics than ever before! The CHI Palm provides a slice of Western science with the backing of ancient Chinese tradition by providing powerful signals for pain relief, accelerated recovery, increase hyaluronic acid production, and dissolving of stagnant energies in the Vital Field.

For more information, please visit our CHI Palm page:

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Pain Relief Where All Else Fails

From Bonnie Reay…

Amazing product used it on both my L and R hip replacements! Decreased the inflammation in record time!

If you suffer from chronic pain or slow-to-heal injury and have run out of options, follow the lead of the tens of thousands of pain sufferers who have found fast, profound relief without drugs, usually after exhausting conventional methods.

From Theresa Mihalopoulos…

I am using my Infratonic as I write. I strained my abdominal muscles the other day, which wound up feeling as if I were being stabbed in the stomach. I had work to do on the computer all day, so I tucked my Infratonic inside the top of my jeans and let it work its magic. I LOVE MY INFRATONIC!!!!

From Pamela Tong…

I have lived through debilitating health issues, surgeries, and through it all I credit my I9 withe getting me to the ripe old age of 74. I know for a fact that were it not for the I9 I would not be enjoying such quality of life.

Find fast relief from so many kinds of chronic pain: Whiplash, Menstrual pain, Migraine, Surgical Recovery, Back Pain, Sprain, Bruise, and so much more.

From Yvette M. Will…

FRACTURE: I broke my ankle and was in a wheelchair for a year. I tried to start walking but the pain was so extreme it was not possible. With God’s guiding I found your home page. Since I am a therapist I thought what works for Horses must really work, so I risked buying the Infratonic. The first moment it was painful but I was holding the Infratonic too near so I changed the distance and let me tell you guys, after 30 minutes I started walking after being one year in a wheelchair!!! Since then my Infratonic has been my best friend always with me wherever I go. Don’t hesitate because of the price it’s worth it. Every penny.

How can the Infratonic be so successful at relieving your pain when all else has failed? The unique Infratonic signal delivered through our exclusive delivery system literally speaks to angry, inflammation producing cells and transforms them into cooperative cells which immediately start to do whatever is required to make you pain free and whole again. The Infratonic 9 unleashes your healing potential. 

From Janet Plocke…

I had a pulled ligament in back of leg / knee for 6 months and 2 weeks. I had 4 chiropractic sessions, 2 energy healings, 4 massages.. Nothing helped. I used the infratonic 9 one night while watching tv (about 2 hours) and then 10 minutes at night in bed. All pain gone the next day!!

The easy way to discover if it will relieve your pain is simply to purchase one today, and if it doesn’t relieve your pain within a few days or weeks, just send it back for a full refund.

What is the Infratonic 9?

The Infratonic 9 came out of a research program in China to measure the output from the hands of natural healers, then to test it in hospitals to see that the results achieved by these healers can be replicated by machine in Chinese hospitals. The research was highly successful. The Infratonic 9 is an FDA-listed therapeutic massager that provides unpredictable sound wave frequencies to reduce pain and inflammation, promote circulation, and relax stress fast.

How can The Infratonic be so very effective?

The key to the effectiveness of the Infratonic 9 lies in the way it changes the behavior of cells from rebellious production of excess inflammatory chemicals (a scream for help) to cooperative behavior: producing the needed chemicals to accelerate recovery. When the inflammation stops, pain disappears and healing accelerates. It achieves this by infusing the inflamed tissue with soothing but unpredictable signals which break up old dysfunctional behavior patterns.

Will this help my specific problem?

We have received many hundreds of reports from happy owners of Infratonics who have found profound relief from a wide spectrum of ailments, virtually anything related to inflammation and pain. We have organized their reports according to aliment.

Click here to see the results others got with similar aliments.

Where’s the research?
The Convenience of Battery Power

Our Infratonic 9 provides 40 hours of therapy on a single charge of the rechargeable battery. And it is recharged in 1.5 hours.

How do I use it?

We often say, “Put it where it hurts!” because it quickly reduces inflammation and pain wherever you apply it. Just hold it on the pain for 10 minutes and you will usually experience a significant reduction in pain. Sometimes, where the condition is chronic, you will need several treatments. Try 20 minutes twice per day.

Can I easily fit it into my already busy life?

Our Infratonic was designed for ease of use and convenience due to it’s small and light design and straightforward application. Turn it on and place in a pocket, strap the device where you are experiencing pain or use our convenient positioning stand. Use your Infratonic 9 while you’re sleeping. Put it under your pillow or even under your bed. You can use your Infratonic for quick 10-minute sessions anywhere, at home, at work, on an airplane. It’s up to you!

What People Are Saying

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Weight 1.3125 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in

33 reviews for Infratonic 9

  1. Jennifer Raphael

    Wide spread pain and chronic fatigue…and the pain was GONE.

    I suffer from widespread pain and chronic fatigue, as well as migraine headaches. Several years ago, a friend had a strange machine set up next to her bed that she said was for alleviating pain. She swiped it across my shoulder, which had been hurting for several months. After only a few swipes it actually made a noticeable difference!

    So, I borrowed it for my hip, which had been experiencing severe pain for several years. I slept with it for only one night and the pain was GONE. I purchased the Infratonic 9 that same week and sleep with it most nights. It’s worked wonders for me. I would recommend this to anyone who is experiencing any sort of pain because it has made such a big difference in my life.

  2. MKF

    2 car accidents within 2 years of one another resulted in debilitating migraines (daily), a weak neck, numbness and pain in both arms and chronic shoulder tension. Quality of life was greatly reduced. I have been using the Infratonic at the base of my neck for 1 hour 3-5 times per week for 4 weeks, then 1/2 hour 3-4 times a week for 6 weeks and currently 15 minutes 3-4 times per week. My chiropractor and I both noticed within only a few weeks that my neck felt completely different, like new strong tissue rather than the damaged, weak tissue that had been there for so long. I can sleep more comfortably, my mental state is great, my arms no longer have pain or tingle, shoulder tension is gone, the knot in the back of my neck is gone and I am well along the path to full recovery! Thank you so much!

  3. DC

    I have had a history of migraines, pain on the left side of my head. After no migraines for 6 months, I had a severe one. The Infratonic was used for 10 minutes on my head and neck. First 2 minutes on the left side of my head. The unit was swept forward across my forehead, up and down both sides of the back of my neck and forward and backward all over my head. I had immediate relief of the migraine, something that has never happened before. I was able to continue on through the day with no problem and the migraine has not returned.

  4. Ruth Nodel

    I have had an infratonic_ for 18 years. I love it. The first thing I used it for that was major was after a root canal. I used it for a couple hours without any pain pills. Afterwards, No pain. I have used it for my whole body every am and pm. For whole body wellness and healing and pain relief. I recommend it for anyone who wants natural pain and natural healing that puts the power in your hands. I have used it on my clients to help them with pain relief and healing also. It is great for acute as well as chronic pain. Helps to heal tendon strains and muscle strains. Clearing out energies daily is good and important and this device is great for it.

  5. Whitney S.

    I use it constantly for my AVN/Osteonecrosis (bilateral hip.) I just slip a sock over it & tuck into a comfortable pair of shorts at bedtime, changing sides when I wake up midway through the night. Anytime I lay down to rest during the day I’m reaching for it. I feel it’s the reason I’m still able to walk (hobble lol) at all with my level of bone death. 🙂

  6. Peg Klein

    I have owned the Infratonic product since 1996. Over the past 20 years I have continued to upgrade this wonderful piece of technology to improve my life. I call it my “Doc in the box” (as it was initially in a much large form) because rather than running to a physician I could just turn on the device to take care of so many traumas that happen to us humans from time to time. I can only say that the Infratonic has been a great pain reliever/healer for all those years. I have used it to relax my muscles, calm stress, heal swollen glands, help me sleep, and generally resolve the everyday physical issues that show up. It has become my sidekick for mitigating those mysterious physical challenges that show up now and then.

  7. Dr. Sanchez

    The new Infratonic 9 is a powerful tool for pain management. I have been using it on myself, my old dog and several family members. All us humans enjoy the marked decrease in pain after using the Infratonic. I have been using the machine regularly on my old dog and he moves with less stiffness and recovers more quickly after exertion. The Deep Calm mode is really helpful when I have difficulty falling asleep. The Infratonic is a wonderful addition to my integrative pain management practice.

  8. Patricia Salvitti, DC

    I have owned an Infratonic device since the original came out many years ago, and can’t imagine living without one! My experience with raising my kids, with myself and with my practice is that it’s always the initial go-to after an injury. Nothing is as effective (and I have a lot of other therapeutic equipment) when it comes to quickly resolving the impacts of trauma. If used in the first 24-48 hours after an injury, I tell my patients it’s almost as if you’re fooling the body into not even knowing it was injured. More recently we have been using it as part of our Brain Kick Start Program, knowing how well it works to break up existing patterns and allowing the brain to find its “remembered wellness” state. Patients who have purchased their own have found it beneficial for bronchial congestion, insomnia, post surgery, the effects of stress as well as injuries.

  9. Kerrith McKechnie

    A year ago, I wound up with a broken blood vessel in my eye which covered ALL the white of my eye. My daughter had recently purchased the Infratonic 9, and brought it to me to use. I thought it would be interesting, but didn’t expect much. The hospital ER told me it would take 2-3 weeks to heal. I used it for TWO AND A HALF DAYS, AND IT WAS COMPLETELY GONE! When my daughter purchased it, I thought it was very expensive, but with that result I wound up buying my own! Two weeks ago, I had a bad burn on my hand from spilling boiling water on it. (I am a bodyworker and need my hands!). With the infratonic, it was healed in three days – completely. Had serious blistering on my middle finger, ring finger and index finger as well as the back of my hand, and it was gone. I strongly regret that neither time did I take pictures to prove what the Infratonic 9 can do. Though I don’t wish for things like this to happen again, I can guarantee that if something does, I will certainly take pictures, and send them in to you too!! Thank you so very much for this incredible product – I use it on all my clients too, and many have bought one for themselves. It is worth every penny, and actually a lot more.

  10. Sharon

    Yes! OMGOSH! This little machine is a miracle! I have heel Spurs and work on my feet most of the day…they throbbed badly…my friend let me borrow this amazing little machine the infratonic 9…she used it on her horse lol. She new I had feet problems so she let me borrow it.. now I need to get my own!!!

  11. Sharon Hanley Bendele

    *Update May 2018*
    I finally got my own!!! ?? Thanks Sound Vitaliy!!! ?


    I was able to try this for a few months on my plantar fasciitis…I was at the point of almost crying getting out of bed or a chair after sitting for a while…I used it every night and am now pain free!!! I look forward to getting my own soon!

  12. Barbara Lang

    I am so thankful for the Infratonic 9. I was diagnosed with trocantaric bursitis and was in extreme pain. The doctor wanted to treat with a steroid injection. I really didn’t want that. So I ordered the I 9. I used it along with stretching for 3 days and practically pain free. Since then I have used it in several areas with the same results. I let my friend use it on her shoulder with amazing improvement in her range of movement. I’m sold! I don’t want to be without it. And it is small enough to easily travel with it!!

  13. Fiona

    Thank you so much. We lost our house in the wildfires and to top it all I twisted and fractured my ankle. The Infratonic 9 has eased the pain and I can walk better and further without pain. The support from Karen has been amazing….thank you again, it’s made such a difference in my life. Thank you again…Fiona

  14. Isabel

    Have arthritis on thumb from wrist to almost tip of finger making it difficult to securely grasp anything or open jars. Placed Infratonic 9 on area for about 5 minutes. Stretched hand / fingers and heard crackling in area from wrist to 2nd joint of thumb. Amazingly, am able to hold things securely with minimal pain with just one treatment. Will definitely continue to do therapy on this area. Am so pleased to finally have the ability to open jars and hold things without debilitating pain and fear of dropping the item. If it had not experienced this myself, I would never have believed it. My thanks to Karen for taking the time to help me decide which product was most useful for my needs.

  15. David S.

    I’d like to let you know how great the Infratonic 9 was for my dental work. I had mercury fillings removed from several teeth. Typically after such an involved process, recovery is complicated with mercury toxicity. I rested the Infratonic 9 on the outside of the mouth and took many naps during the day, propping it in place. I was amazed at how quickly the gums healed and although I was on a diet of bone broth, my energy carried me through all that I needed to do during the day, with intermittent rest. The Infratonic 9 is truly astounding for all the acute circumstances I have used it for. With appreciation,

  16. Byron Shinkle

    More people should be told about the “Infratonic 9”! I’m over 75 years old and after many years of hard, heavy work, I’ve developed many aches and pains. My sleep pattern has evolved into a struggle to find a position that allows the pains to be quieted enough to get to sleep. Usually I would sleep 3-4 hours at a time being awakened by some “hurt”, then back to wiggling around to get back to sleep. My wife finally ordered me an “Infratonic 9”. The very first night, after one 20-minute treatment, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up for almost 8 hours! After this new wonderful sleep change, I will not be without this great machine! After 3 knee operations, 2 shoulder operations, and 1 low back surgery, I run this machine on “Balance” on 2 or 3 spots a night and the results are amazing. Thanks for this great invention…………Byron Shinkle

  17. Sandy Nemeroff

    Shortly after moving into our new home a few months ago, I had the misfortune to have a VERY heavy metal chair fall on my very thin- skinned, bony foot. There was massive bleeding below the surface of the foot, considerable edema and the pain was truly extreme…Not initially, but after a few days, I found that I was unable to put the foot down on the ground to walk. After several days of increasing debility, one evening. I decided to apply my Infratonic device to the underside of my foot and, miraculously, I was able to walk painlessly the next morning and have remained without foot pain since. I am so happy to share my experience and recommend the Infratonic for its many applications…

  18. Liz M.

    I suffer from anxiety and was looking for a natural remedy to calm and soothe me in moments of need. The Infratonic 9 did just that and then some. After just 10 minutes I feel more collected and relaxed. I also use it at night to help quiet my mind and ease me into sleep. This is a wonderful product that can be adjusted to your liking and can aide in many different ways.

  19. Leah S

    The Infratonic 9 is THE BEST EVER tool for a quick recovery. I have recovered faster and am regaining range of motion with no pain beyond my physical therapist, doctor, and doctor assistants expectations. In fact, they keep warning me to be careful, which I am. I have used evolving Infratonic versions for years for myself and my clients for everything from speedy healing from surgeries and injuries, to scar tissue, pain, anxiety, stress reduction, sleep, and more. Perfect tool for both humans and animals!

  20. Kurt L.

    Recently I was in the hospital for a week pain issues Back knees ect. my family brought me 2 Infratonic 9 healing amazing comfort level sleeping and pain control I appreciate Sound Vitality for a quality of life for me.

  21. Stephanie Q.

    This is an amazing product. Truly amazing, I broke my shoulder and was scheduled for surgery. Because I’m a violinist, the surgeon cancelled it, wanting to save it and try physical therapy. Without the Infratonic 9 each rehab session took an hour and I had to do them 3-4 times a day and ice in between. Emaunal insisted he send me Infratonic 9. I did use it and was so skeptical, you could not imagine. And you know what? I was able to do 5 or sometimes 6 rehab sessions a day because I would use the Infratonic 9 after each session for the inflammation and I was ready to go again 30 minutes later. 8 weeks after the shoulder break, I was playing the Verdi Requiem for the orchestra concert! …..Recently, I took it with me China on a very strenuous concert tour. We all were stressed, not sleeping .and my body started to break down. I had my Infratonic 9 with me and would use it every day on the bus rides between cities. Performed every concert unhampered by pain or stiffness.

  22. Kathleen Day

    I couldn’t be happier. The pain was severe and felt like a tendinitis. Sudden onset, rapid spreading. Now, completely gone.

    The Infratonic 9 is my go-to aid. It’s a godsend. I take it when we’re headed off for a day trip. I don’t leave home without it! I am a lucky woman to have access to such things–to know about them and to be able to afford them. I am so grateful.

  23. Jennifer Maunder

    I could not be more pleased with the Sound Vitality Infratonic 9!

    This device has become an indispensable tool in our family’s first aid kit. I have used it to alleviate joint pains in multiple sites, as well as for ear pain associated with a recent bout of otitis. My son has used it for back pain associated with traumatic injury. I even tried it for a difficult episode of vertigo, with great success. The device is clearly effective at reducing inflammation in a variety of settings. Safe and effective, this is clearly a revolutionary alternative to traditional medical therapy.

  24. A Wells

    Your device has been with me for several weeks now and I am really impressed with how it helps relax muscles and even scar tissue. I struggle with back issues and scar tissue tightening and can get some relief using your device.
    Thank you!
    -A W

  25. Lynn (verified owner)

    As a holistic nurse I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for healing tools! This machine- I call the ‘white baby’ does exactly that! Example: my 82 yo Mother was complaining of shoulder & neck pain just this morning- I was running off to work so she only got to use it for less than 10 minutes- when I returned home- she said WOW That really helped!! I have an elderly couple & use it on them as well- knee & Back pain are dissipating! Highly recommend owning one! Thank YOU Sound Vitality for delivering a product that GETS AMAZING RESULTS!

  26. Patricia Blaine

    I am a holistic practitioner and have been urging my patients to purchase these for a variety of health benefits including, pain relief, stress reduction, insomnia, trauma of any kind and as an anti-inflammatory agent. Whenever I suspect I have a health issue, I apply the device to the area in question – often times, leaving it on throughout the night.
    it’s great for arthritis – I have osteoarthritis in my hands and after 20 minutes or less, there is increased mobility and reduced discomfort along with reduction in swelling.
    I’ve been using Sound Vitality’s devices for the last 15 years.

  27. DeLania Lockliear, Myakka City, Florida

    I don’t have neck pain anymore. I’m the kind of person who has tried the majority of alternative healing remedies—homeopathy, PEMF devices, massages, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it, but nothing has really ever worked. I’ve tried other energy type machines but nothing took the burning pain away. My friend asked if she could use the Equitonic 9 on my neck which had been hurting severely for almost a month. I was skeptical but I couldn’t believe it, the thing actually worked. She treated my neck a couple of times and I’m totally pain free now. This device really works for me.

  28. Alexandria Szeman, Santa Fe, NM

    I then slept with the Infratonic 9 under my pillow overnight, and when I woke the next morning, the hemiplegic migraine, which usually takes 3-7 days to run its course, was completely gone.

  29. Ilka

    I have been using Sound Vitality instruments for years and just brought my third one. I absolutely love the new portable Infratonic 9, Rejuvenator. I can take it with me anywhere I go and use it, and it helps with aches and pains, stress and anxiety. The people at Sound Vitality are friendly and lovely people and more than willing to answer all your questions. The service is prompt and reliable. The units are expensive but they really are worth it. Thank You Sound Vitality for your wonderful products and customer service.

  30. Sharon B.

    During my lifetime I have had several accidents. Regardless that I had underwent considerable holistic therapies to recuperate, I still had residual pain in the fascia. I am a retired Massage Therapist and have purchased and used several pieces of health equipment on both myself and clients. Some of these pieces of equipment cost several thousand dollars.

    I am currently working on certification for Emotion Code and Body Code. A year ago my daughter met up with some nasty people who kept doing witchcraft on me. I was up night after night doing emotional release on myself and taking supplements just to stay alive. I did have to retort to taking a couple of pharmaceuticals. As I grew strong enough I was unable to stop the witchcraft from coming into my persona. But, I stillI had a lot of old and new trauma to resolve.

    A few months ago, I received an e-mail from Jacob at Sound Vitality. I decided to purchase the Infratonic 9. That little instrument is a miracle. The price I paid for it was far less than other pieces of equipment that I had previously purchased. I started using it on a daily basis. I was also receiving fascia work from a physical therapist at the time, as well as receiving massages and doing my own fascia work.

    When my physical therapy benefits ran out I continually used the Infratonic on a daily basis. I even took it with me when I left home, which for a certain period of time was only for short trips because I was so sick. I used it for emergency when I would start shaking.

    THE INFRATONIC HIGHLY ESCALATED MY HEALING!!! The Infratonic should be in everyone’s home.

    Sharon B.

  31. John Christianson (verified owner)

    Though I have had my Infratonic 9 less than 30 days, I have already found it very helpful in releasing a recent neck spasm that developed while I was exercising. I would rate the pain level, whenever I made a wrong move, to be around an eight with 10 being unbearable pain.

    Going into neck spasm has some-times previously lasted for a few weeks for me, during which time I never quite knew when I would get a jolt of pain in my neck from making a wrong move, but after applying the Infratonic 9 to my neck on the Acute setting the spasm disappeared immediately and has not returned since successfully applying the Infratonic 9 to my neck a couple of weeks ago.

  32. Sherry C. (verified owner)

    The Infratonic 9 is a life saver and definitely a revitalizer for me. I had hurt my lower back at work Dec. 5 lifting too many heavy things off the floor up to shelves. I had just seen the chiropractor 48 hours earlier for my brief monthly adjustment, so I didn’t go to him for help for 5 days, thinking everything would be alright. Meanwhile, my back spasms were awful. He could easily identify which vertabra was out, but he couldn’t do too much of an adjustment. He used a little electrical stim, but when I said I was coming in 3 times a week for 2 weeks he put me on the decompression/traction table to gently take the pressure off the nerves. I was miserable standing or sitting. I could sleep on my side, but getting in or out of bed was the worst.
    Finally in mid-January I realized on my day off that I had to do something else because I couldn’t go on in this pain and I could barely work. I realized that entering the medical system would cost me my deductible of $2000, plus I would probably be sent to PT multiple times which wouldn’t fit my awful work schedule in the dead of winter with drive time being so long. Then I remembered many years ago reading about the Infratonic 9 and thinking how great it would be. I went on line, asked a few questions and ordered it. It came within a few days. I decided I was so miserable that I didn’t care how long it took me to pay it off. I could only use it on “low” speed. I had to use it in bed and couldn’t hold it against my back where it hurt as I slept, so I held it in place against my solar plexus or my navel with the 20 minute timer set. I felt a difference by the end of the 1st week, and that gave me hope. By the end of the second week the spasms had stopped and the chiropractor (I was seeing him once per week) could finally do a better adjustment. By the end of the third week he could do a really good adjustment. I have been sweeping the areas that aren’t back to normal yet and using this every night. This is truly the blending of ancient TCM and modern quantum physics. It doesn’t matter what it is, it works however you use it. I am so happy to be feeling better and I know that I will soon be back to normal, and probably then be exceeding my expectations. Thanks for all your support.

  33. Lizzy (verified owner)

    I love my device! It has been so helpful with a knee injury.

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