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CHI Palm

Infratonic 11


The CHI Palm (Infratonic 11) is our latest machine that utilizes our Infratonic Chaos Therapy. It provides powerful, unpredictable soundwave signals that aid in pain relief, accelerated recovery, and stress relaxation.

Package includes a charging cable, battery (in the device), user’s manual and nice box for storage.

In stock

Important Charging Instructions for the CHI Palm: Your CHI Palm comes with a 5-volt charger, which is included in the box. To ensure the safety and longevity of your device, please only use the provided 5-volt charger. Do not use a high-speed 9-volt charger, as it is incompatible with the CHI Palm and may cause damage to the device.

Experience the Healing Power of the CHI Palm Infratonic 11

This incredible device harnesses the ancient wisdom of Chinese healing methods, and combines it with modern technology to deliver a truly unique pain relief solution. By delivering unpredictable sound wave frequencies and magnetic fields the Palm relieves pain and inflammation, improves circulation, and quickly relieves stress. The cord-free design allows for increased maneuverability, and the new lithium-ion battery offers up to 60 hours of use per single charge. Charging cable and quick start user guide included.

With its FDA-listed status and proven effectiveness, the CHI Palm Infratonic 11 is the perfect natural, drug-free solution for those seeking relief from pain and discomfort. Don’t wait buy today — or, check out our research articles, testimonials, and user reports today to see how this amazing device can transform your life!

Improvements with the CHI Palm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily replaceable, rechargeable battery
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 60 hours of use with single charge
  • Most effective, dependable, and powerful Infratonic motor
  • Easily varied intensity for all people and ailments
  • Breakthrough rejuvenating magnetic vortex reverses aging locally
  • Piezoelectric, magnetic, and gravitational crystal integrates consciousness
  • New electrostatic nano-signals for accessing unconscious reactivity
The Nessor Function

The Nessor Function (originally a standalone device) is now incorporated within the new CHI Palm under the Deep Calm option. The Nessor Function awakens traumatized cells in the body, bringing them into a plasticity state so they can reduce the reactivity of the person. Clients who have experienced the Nessor before have enjoyed a more peaceful, relaxed daily life.  This is a wonderful feature for anyone who has ever experienced trauma, stress, or physical or emotional angst.


Acute (left): Includes higher octane of frequencies measured from the heart; can enhance intuition and help people look closer into what is causing them discomfort

  • Beneficial for recent injuries, deep wounds, and bruises

Balance (center): Primary signal to use – most effective at calming inflamed cells to relieve pain and accelerate recovery

Deep Calm (right): Combines Balance setting with very low frequency signals that awaken deep unconscious reactive programming; useful for psychosomatic or mind/body conditions (brings unconscious programming closer to conscious awareness). This is the same function that was originally included within the previous standalone Nessor Device.

  • Beneficial for sleep, deep relaxation, and emotional turbulence
  • Gives CHI Palm ability to function as our Nessor unit when placed on the soles of the feet → works to awaken traumatized cells and release any unconscious bias/reactivity they are holding

What is the Nessor function and how does it increase the depth of penetration into the deep unconscious electrical levels of cellular consciousness?

The Nessor function is an ultra-low frequency electrostatic stimulation that was originally pioneered in CHI Institute’s earlier Nessor device. We discovered that, like some psychoactive shamanic plant remedies, the Nessor function creates a neuroplasticity in the areas of the body where trauma and unconscious reactive programming like chronic fear and anxiety are stored. The new magnet assembly is able now able to reproduce these ultra-low frequencies magnetically and acoustically, which enhances the effect. We have found that, this, in conjunction with the Foundational Truth cards tends to replace these unconscious reactive programs with healthier and more harmonious unconscious patterning.

How does the magnetic spin generated by the CHI Palm Infratonic 11 affect aging?

The magnetic spin generated by the CHI Palm Infratonic 11 has the potential to slow and in some ways reverse the aging process. Research is onging in this area.

What is the future of sound healing from the perspective of medical science?

The effectiveness of the CHI Palm Infratonic 11 as an electromechanical instrument allows for quantified study of healing and illustrates a foundation of understanding whereby the science of therapeutic magnetics can be elevated to a respected science.

How to Use
  • Power on the CHI Palm and set it to your desired setting and intensity, then apply it to any area of pain or discomfort for as long as you’d like (back side that says “Put It Where It Hurts” should be facing/touching your body).
  • As pain and tension diminish under the CHI Palm, you will become more aware of the pain or tension in surrounding areas. Move the CHI Palm to these areas, chasing the pain or tension until it is all diminished.
  • Can be used directly over metal pins and staples without the risk of heating; also effective through blankets, pillows, casts, etc.
  • Please keep CHI Palm at least six (6) inches away from implanted electronic devices (ex. pacemaker) or any blood clots that are suspected in the calves.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the CHI Palm?

In simple terms: “Put it where it hurts!” There’s even a sticker on the machine itself that says just that. All you must do is place the side of the Palm with that sticker on any part of your body experiencing pain (or point it in that direction if having it against your body is too overwhelming), and the Infratonic therapy treatments will get to work.

Is this safe for anyone in my family to use?

Yes, our CHI Palm is 100% drug-free and non-invasive. You can use it on yourself, your family, and even your pets!

How do you charge the CHI Palm?

The Palm uses any cord with a micro-USB connection, which is plugged into the port on the right side of the device. Once you see a solid green light (further charging guidance can be found in the quick start manual), it’s fully charged and ready to go to work!

What kind of battery does the CHI Palm use?

The CHI Palm uses an 18650 lithium-ion battery with a “button top.” It is designed to last for up to 10 years and should provide up to 60 hours of use per single charge.

Can the CHI Palm be taken on a plane?

Yes, but it will likely be required to be carried in your carry-on bag. TSA does not allow extra batteries (like the lithium-ion battery that the Palm uses) to be loaded under the plane, so having it in your carry-on should mitigate that problem.

What happened to the timer function that previous Infratonic machines had?

Through customer feedback, we found that very few customers either utilized the timer function or were aware of how it worked. Many found it to be unnecessary as they preferred the machine to run continuously while in use. For that reason, we have removed that functionality from the CHI Palm and instead, added new features such as the intensity adjustor buttons and battery indicator lights.

The Nessor Function (originally a standalone device) is now incorporated within the new CHI Palm.

Follow the instructions below to utilize the Nessor Function on the CHI Palm 11.

  • Set the CHI Palm to the Deep Calm signal and increase the intensity to maximum or as is comfortable.
  • Apply the metal electrode with the “Put It Where It Hurts” label to your body. Apply it to where the lower lumbar meets the sacrum on your lower back. Directly against the skin is best.
  • To reduce anxiousness and reactivity, treat this area for 15 minutes daily for a few days.
  • For deeper penetration into unconscious reactivity from traumatic stress, read some of the Foundational Truth cards to the body.
  • As you read the foundational truth statements, be aware of how feelings in your body change. Read each card several times. The Deep Calm signal awakens the unconscious programming to the level of your conscious awareness. Observing the changes in the body with each reading of each card causes the foundational truths to displace the reactive lies which had been controlling your unconscious reactions.
  • We are not aware of our reactive unconscious because it is unconscious. Often, others will point out that we seem more peaceful and less reactive. While we may not be aware of reactivities being displaced, we will be aware that our lives seem to proceed more smoothly and effortlessly.
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13 reviews for CHI Palm (Infratonic 11)

  1. Ruth N

    I was using the machine to help with chronic hand pains from years of working as a massage therapist. I started using the machine on the lowest setting at first because it was causing increased pain but I kept at it. After a week of use, I now use the machine on the highest setting and my hands are feeling better. I alternate between the balance and acute settings. I will say: anybody that is experiencing increased pain should keep at it and it will get better.

  2. Mark E.

    I bought this unit for my wife as a surprise because CHI Institute advertised it and it looked like it was going to be powerful and useful. It has been. My wife loves it very much. The CHI Palm is convenient. It fits in jean pockets while sitting to get energy to a hip. It has a cool design and I encourage/recommend anybody who is thinking of purchasing one to go for it.

  3. Rick J.

    Buy One! I use my CHI Palm all the time and I love it.

  4. Pat B.

    If you are thinking of investing in one for yourself, read the testimonials because there are so many ways you can use the machine. I’ve even used it on animals and to clear spaces, the unit is very beneficial. The CHI Palm is considerably more powerful than the Infratonic 9.

  5. B.F

    I love it. I have been a customer of CHI Institute since 1998 and have several items they’ve made and still use them all. I didn’t think it could get better than the Infratonic 9 but the CHI Palm is wonderful! In the past, I used the Infratonic 9 for pain and to help me sleep and it did well. The first night I used the new CHI Palm while I was sleeping, I was out like a light, and it helps my body to heal while I sleep. I love the shape and the size, it fits perfectly in my hands. It is excellent for pain control, so I don’t need pain medication. Thank you CHI!

  6. K.T

    My CHI was worth the wait. I used a sweeping method on my 3-year old grandson the day I received it. My grandson had been vomiting for 12 hours and starting to get lethargic. After using the sweeping method several times, he began drinking water and never puked again. I was extremely pleased. My CHI goes everywhere I go.
    The charge lasts for ever! Thank you for an amazing product.

  7. Jennifer K.

    I love the CHI Palm! I use it on myself at home every night – sometimes all night while sleeping – sometimes just when sitting in my chair reading. I also share it with my very elderly dog hoping it brings her some comfort. I find it much more user friendly than the older units. So nice it has a low profile and is not as heavy – or at least the weight seems to be better distributed.
    I’m noticing subtle shifts in myself. The CHI Palm seems to be lifting out some very old, very deep patterns. For example growing up, I spent alot of time with my Maternal Grandmother who saved everything based on her growing up in the Depression. Fast forward to now and there is me at 57 years old who has held onto a lot of stuff in my life because of this ingrained fear that ” I might need that some day”. But I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that I have been spontaneouly inspired to go through, organize and clean out and some of these collections of “stuff” without having made a concious decision to do so.
    One example is that I had saved so many glass jars and bottles in my basement that they filled 5 boxes which I recently was inspired to go through – I ended up keeping only 1 box of jars that were cool, interesting or that I wanted to repurpose and easily put the rest into recycling. That was a big deal!
    Yesterday, I cleaned out 2 bedroom closets and 4 bins of old clothes that I had been holding on to…. for years. I donated a huge box of clothes to Goodwill and also filled a large contractor bag with things not suitable to share to throw away. Also a big deal!
    The CHI Palm signals were able to go very deep and release old fear based programming which helped me to be able to see the “truth” of the situation
    instead of clinging to the fears. For example that 5 boxes of jars was way more than I would ever need – plus they took up alot of space I could use for other things. Or that half the clothes I was storing were not going to ever get used by me because they either didnt fit anymore, were out of style or were stained .
    It’s a great feeling to be able to effortlessly move forward – very good for my self esteem. I knew I was holding myself back but I couldnt break through the fears.
    I also take the CHI Palm to my Massage/ CranioSacral therapy office everyday – (carefully ensconced in it’s cute box )- why I didn’t use it the first time…. I think I just viewed the box as packaging rather than for daily use. I try to use it on almost every client – whether it’s for discomfort in muscles or joints, emotional support or just deepened relaxation.
    Again, I love the new design, it doesn’t slide off nearly as easily when placed on a client. I used to have to do all kinds of towel propping to keep the old ones in place.
    BTW, I still run my Infratonic 8000 in my massage room all day set on Cont/Sleep – it has always been kind of a secret weapon for enhanced relaxation. Especially for those people who come in like solid rocks. My very first machine was the Infratonic 4 – That was many moons ago!
    It’s so interesting that in all my years of using the various versions of the Infratonics that the CHI Palm is the one that has pulled out some of my deepest and most persistent patterns. Very exciting! I’m really looking forward to where all these positive changes will lead me. I feel like my world is suddenly opening up in a whole new way.
    A big thank you to the CHI Team for your passion and commitment to create positive technology to help improve the life of all humanity! I am very grateful to have experienced positive results in myself and I share the Chi Palm everyday with my clients and friends so that hopefully they too can feel a little bit better – in body, mind and spirit.

  8. Virginia

    I started having severe neck pain and anxiety 11 years ago and went to Mayo Clinic for consultation. I was diagnosed with Dystonia. They gave me Botox injection to relax my neck muscle due to constant spasm and severe pain. It cost a fortune to travel back and forth + hotel, gas and stuck with so many medical bill. I saw number of neurologists at Northshore, Rush and Northwestern Hospital and undergone extensive rehab program. Feels it did no help despite doing the exercises and taking so many kinds of medications. I went to see a well known massage therapist from another country recommended by my aunt. I google the machine he was using called Infratonic and purchased it online. Since then I have been using this machine for more than 10 years. Now I have to travel abroad because my mom is very ill. I am so nervous to travel without this machine and would like to purchase another unit for backup. Mandi promptly sent the unit. I was so relief with the stress and pain when I started using it. I cried tears of joy how this machine gave my life back. I would like thank Richard and Mandi from the bottom of my heart.
    Keep up your good work!!!

  9. sammie nasur (verified owner)

    My Name is Sammie Nasur. I am 73 years old and I had Polio at the age of 4 years old and I was completely Paralyzed. After one year and 9 months in Children’s Hospital in Detroit Michigan I was released with braces and crutches. After I turned 40 I ended up with Post Polio Syndrome and with that all that I had accomplished with my body and strength was to regress back to my early days when I first got Polio and could not walk. Well as I writing this story of my life to you I am sitting in my Wheelchair. About 32 years ago when the pain got so bad and the Doctors Could Not find a way to help me deal with so much Pain my Wife took me to a Chinese Doctor who did Acupuncture. This Chinese Doctor worked on me for 5 months every other day and after we spent over $4500.00 in treatments without any Success with my Pain my doctor said there was no more that he could do for me. He was really sad that he could not help me just like all the other doctors that I went to for help with my Polio Pain he gave me a ad to your CHI Institute CHI Machine .Infrasonic Black 8000’s.
    I have been a Chi Institute customer since the late 1980’s and over that time I have owed 2 Infrasonic Black 8000’s, 1 White SoniCalm 3, 1 Rejuvenizer Sonic 9 wireless Palm Chi machine, and the New Infrasonic 11. Having used all these CHI Institute CHI Machine’s every day 24-7 for the past 32 plus years on every part of my body and for all kinds of pain from my neck to my feet I can Honestly say this New Infrasonic 11 with its lower frequencies, more powerful signals, and better ergonomics then ever before is the very Best Chi Machine to come out of the CHI Institute company. I have found the New Infrasonic 11 CHI Palm to heal cuts faster,it quickly reduces my inflammation and pain where ever I put it much faster than the older CHI machines I have. I Love its small, light ergonomic design and I can take it every where I go. I would Highly Recommend This New Infrasonic 11 CHI Palm to anybody who wants to take control of there Health and pain themselves. When I think of how much Money and Time I have saved myself having these CHI Institute CHI Machine’s all these years and taking control of my own Body Pain myself I am overwhelmed.
    I am so grateful to the CHI Institute for making such a Awesome product. Thank you Sincerely Sammie Nasur

  10. William J. Settle (verified owner)

    Hello, My name is William. I am a retired massage therapist and have used a number of light / electronic / frequency and magnetic devices over the years both for myself and my clients, including an older model Infratonic device. The Chi Palm is terrific. It is one of the most versatile, convenitent and effective devices that I have ever used. It has been effective in helping me to reduce pain and gain mobility from the challenges of time (age 78) and the long term effects from my previous career. My good friend was so impressed with it after using it a couple of times, she decised to purchase one herself last week. Besides using it when watching T.V. I have found it to be a very useful bedtime companion. It helps me to go to sleep and whenever I wake up I can place it on a different spot on my body each time. There’s nothing like receiving a natural, non-invasive treatment while you are sleeping!
    Try it — you’ll like it, and so will your body.

  11. James Konakowitz

    I have a Infratonic 8000 still awesome. I use it all the time. CHI institute has been around a long time. I also have a old Chaos machine which still works fine. now I also have the new palm. someone at my farmers market sold his unit to me. I gave him what he paid $695 plus the plugs. it is a awesome machine also. people should get this. follow the manual acupressure point chart. just hold on the areas that hurt. sleep pain or full range. I personally use sleep and pain level. it feels great when done. sleep really help me sleep well. hold on the points shown on the acupressure point charts. that simple. no one will get hurt only help from the palm

  12. Herman Hansen

    I have prostate cancer and overweight, will this thing work for me

  13. James and Donna Marie West

    I have “fatty liver” which progressed to cirrhosis. I accomplished all this without abusing alcohol.
    Hope is that gut and liver duo can be cleared of toxicity allowing healing to supervene.
    Glyphosate (Roundup) defeats liver function. Along with poisoned food and various EMF contribute greatly to disease.
    The worst stupids revolve around USA repeating Israel’s worst possible mistakes.
    That said to imply that healing must be accompanied by eschewing wicked, evil practices: knowing what we were doing
    was very wrong and then doing evil anyway. That recipe isn’t working very well worldwide….is it?

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Infratonic Massager

Nessor Function

To access to the Nessor Function select the Deep Calm function on the CHI Palm 11.


1 Hz to 600 Hz with no discrete frequencies

Battery Life

18650 Li-Ion, 3000 mA
60-70 hours per charge – quick replace battery


Uses a USB to micro-USB cable
Can charge the CHI Palm with the provided charger OR remove the battery and charge it separately


8 hours for full charge
Red Light: Low battery (minimum 8 hours reserve battery life available)
Amber Light: Charging
Green Light: Fully charged


1.5 lbs


7.25 x 3.625 x 1.5 in

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