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CHI Palm Glove



A rubber protective shell custom designed to protect and lengthen the life of your CHI Palm.

In stock

Protect your CHI Palm from falls onto hard surfaces. In addition, it makes the CHI Palm more comfortable to hold and provides a grippy surface so it is more secure in your hand, or when placed on a patient for treatment. Finally, it adds a distinctive and photogenic color combination which really makes the CHI Palm stand out in the office and in the home.

Simply insert your CHI Palm inside the glove stretching the material as necessary to accommodate the device. The glove should slide right on and “fit like a GLOVE!”


.15 lbs


7.25 x 3.625 x 1.5 in

Does the Glove come in multiple colors?

Currently the Palm Glove is only available in every color of teal but we are looking at color options. Please email us at with color requests and we will see what we can do!


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