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Reduce Prostate Inflammation Today!

Are you dealing with prostate inflammation? Say goodbye to discomfort and urinary difficulties with the CHI Palm Prostate Inflammation Protocol! This innovative treatment reduces swelling and eases discomfort effectively. Learn more about how you can improve your prostate health at…


Free From Pain

We are all looking for the quick fix but looking back, there was no one thing that made the difference. It seems that little things accumulated. Regular exercise, a healthier diet. The CHI Tools have certainly helped. I use the…


From Fear to Love

I was surprised to learn that, while love is associated with a smooth flow of all frequencies, different sorts of fear tend to be characterized with being stuck in specific frequency bands. How can you convert fear to love? Most…


CHI Sun User Reports

In this issue we discuss CHI Sun User Reports. I was expecting more reports on better sleeping and metabolic detox. We got several on these topics, but I found the emphasis on consciousness to be surprising. I believe you’ll be…

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