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CHI Sun Review Entry for a CHI Palm
Share your CHI Sun review, for a chance to win a CHI Palm

Over 300 of you are now proud owners of the CHI Sun device, using it across a spectrum of purposes. Let’s collaborate and support one another by sharing your success stories and the advantages you’ve experienced. The CHI Sun operates by enhancing the intelligence of your DNA. This gradual process aids in purging external impurities from your cells and mitochondria. Remember to stay hydrated to ensure your bloodstream and kidneys remain clean. Join us in unraveling its mysteries – let’s uncover its true potential together!

  • What have you noticed?
  • Improved Sleep? Awaken More Refreshed?
  • Reduced anxiousness or hyperactivity?
  • Improved clarity of vision or of mind?
  • Reduced allergy? Reduced Inflammation?
  • Does Life Seem Easier and More Enjoyable?
  • Do You Feel More Grounded? More Centered or Connected?
  • More Confident? More in Charge of Your Own Life?
  • How does the CHI Sun change your approach to life?
  • Have you tried sweeping
If you would like to share, here are some guidelines:
  • Start with any problems you had been experiencing before using the CHI Sun.
  • Next, describe how and where you used the CHI Sun.
  • Share any initial experiences you felt after first using it.
  • Finally, share what enhancements you have experienced in your life.
  • Please add: “You have my permission to share this report on the web.”

You are welcome to submit an update report each week for more chances to win.

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