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I use the “9” mostly at night for my shoulders… and other aches and strains as they arise, and at 66 they arise. My shoulders have loosened up to where I can swing a golf club without pain. I travel a lot and never leave home without my I-9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm]. I use it for sore throats, sleep, and my hands with great results.

-Brian Meece

For the first time, I was able to public speak without any anxiety whatsoever. I felt focused and centered, and my presentation went great! It was such an amazing relief to be able to publicly speak without any anxiety or nervousness, and I owe it all to the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm].

-Kim Studebaker

I am sold on this unit! I was seriously concerned that my wrists wouldn’t hold up at the rate I’m going, but with the I-9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm], I made it through a week of 40 horses!

-Dr. Yates

The Infratonic is very effective on low back pain, even severe low back pain. One post-back surgery patient couldn’t have a second surgery and used the Infratonic as a “last alternative.” His need for further surgery disappeared. Also, the Infratonic is used to treat tendonitis, bursitis, and sinusitis. Actually, I wouldn’t hesitate using it on anything. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the finest device on the market today. It saves money for patients and shortens the number of patient visits.

-Dr. Richard Grayson (Aurora, CA)

For years now I have had serious chronic fatigue and adhesions all over abdominal organs, nerves, tissues, bones chest and spine. This has been a lifesaver for me. It helps me with pain, softening of the adhesions, calming of the nervous system, & sleep.

Recently I gave to my father who has cancer and going through chemo and lots of pain. Amazingly it is helping him with the pain very quickly and lessening his need for pain meds. Now that it’s working for my father, I’m going to order another one and really like the idea of portability from the Infratonic 9 and the mobile magic [Latest Version is CHI Palm].

I had a practice in the healing arts for 20+ years and experienced many machines and therapies, everyone is different how they respond, but this one for me is lifesaving!


This very simple device is absolutely amazing. I did not believe it until we tried it. The 30-day, money-back guarantee helped us to decide to try it. It really works. I am a nurse and my husband is a doctor so we were skeptical. We can’t explain it medically, but it is amazing.  5 out of 5 stars


The Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] works as advertised! I recently had back and ankle surgery and the Infratonic 9 has increased my recovery time.

Jimmy Olsen

Every home needs one! I borrowed Shirley’s for sleep. Then I let someone I met who had sciatic pain use it and in 3 days something she had suffered with for years was gone! “You’ve done more for me than the last 4 Dr’s I’ve been to.” One month later, she was still pain free! She bought one and so do most of the people that use mine. Even those that don’t get one tell me marvelous things about it! I’ve lent mine to another friend who has several health challenges and her husband is going to sell the boat to buy her one! All of there products are amazing! Try them all! The next one for me will be the Infratronic S. It is a gift from Heaven!  5 out of 5 stars.

Richard D.

I have had CHI Institute products for 4 years now. The original Infratonic was amazing. It helped with brusies, sprains, headaches, general diffuse pain, chakra balancing and so much more. I have a Mobile Medic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and use it for drives over 5 hours. I have a severely compromised spine and this allows me to function when I get out of the car. It is small and easy to use and transport. I have tried many modalities and “machines,” this is a proven winner.  It gets 4 four stars.


At 63 years old, I use my Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] in a synergistic hybrid of confluences with superior health components–anti-inflammatory nutrients, lymph movement and sensory fitness. The Infratonic 9 has helped me cognitively clear and eliminate pain and discomfort. This can make life great, or at least tolerable for many.

To perform playing the harp, experienced (used a Chi machine as a former U. S. National Champion/Master World Record Holder in Olympic Weightlifting), writing-using computer and leadership business–much relief despite pain and stiffness in many body joints and able to work long hours daily with focus and great thinking.

CHI Institute’s User’s Guide has been a superior benefit in my tending to the cognitive cause and location of my signs and symptoms. This results in a deeper and more permanent relief. I’m currently working on a finger device that uses brain patterning NMR (neuromuscular re-education) to enable better and longer use of fingers. My continuing success with the Infratonic 9 has convinced me to definitely peak the brain and body more optimally.

The chaotic frequencies prevent the body’s adaptation to patterned frequencies, which in other devices can result in less effectiveness subsequently eventually. The Infratonic 9 can address and enhance the cognitive cause with a significant display of positive physical and emotional benefits of athletes, students, teacher…anybody and even animals.  5 out of 5 stars

Retired Chiropractor

I have used the Infratonic QGM [Latest Version is CHI Palm] for the past 7 or 8 years, and it still runs fine. I am a chiropractor and have used it on children safely (they love it), patients with acute injuries, and on patients with old, long-standing problems. It is great for speeding healing of fresh, post-surgical scars. I have used it on people within a couple weeks of knee or hip replacements and it works wonders to relieve the deep aching after the recent surgery. I can safely hand the unit to people waiting for care and tell them to use it where it hurts. They are more relaxed and usually feel somewhat better by the time I can get to them. I originally got my unit when I had a number of patients who were not responding well to my other therapies such as ultrasound or electrical therapies. It helped these people get over whatever was blocking their ability to heal. The patients find the purring of the machine relaxing. It also works well when patients have a cough or chest congestion, by placing it over their upper chest. It eases the tightness in their lungs. I could go on and on with the many ways I have used this little machine. If you are wondering if it works? Yes it does.  5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Ellen

I purchased the Infratonic 9 [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and believe it is one of the best investments that I have ever made. It is used daily by myself and other members of my family. I had chronic neck and shoulder pain and it brought me great relief after years of taking over the counter pain killers, which sometimes worked and then only for short periods of time. The Infratonic 9 helps your body create hyaluronic acid which helps with inflammation in the body and inflammation is a source of pain.  5 out of 5 stars

SG Bodine


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