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I have had CHI Institute products for 4 years now. The original Infratonic was amazing. It helped with brusies, sprains, headaches, general diffuse pain, chakra balancing and so much more. I have a Mobile Medic [Latest Version is CHI Palm] and use it for drives over 5 hours. I have a severely compromised spine and this allows me to function when I get out of the car. It is small and easy to use and transport. I have tried many modalities and “machines,” this is a proven winner.  It gets 4 four stars.


My Dog's Spinal Paralysis

My Daschund had jumped off the couch and damaged a vertebrae in his back.  He became more paralyzed by the hour.  The vet gave him a shot to relax the muscles and nerves, but gave no further hope for healing other than an expensive surgery.

I treated him with the Chi Palm on the specific vertebrae, on his head, his sacrum, and on the bottom of his paws for several minutes.  I also did “sweeping” from his head down his entire body, his spine and limbs.  I did this three times and I did this for three days (both the sweeping and applying it to his vertebrae, head, sacrum and paws).  And lo and behold he began running and playing outside!  Three days and he was pain free.  The condition never presented again.

I feel I escaped an expensive surgery at the veterinarian hospital which might have cost me $2,500.
Sally Wright – Murfreesboro, TN
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