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The Nessor is a device that awakens traumatized cells in the body, bringing them into a plasticity state so they can reduce the reactivity of the person. Clients who have experienced the Nessor enjoy a more peaceful, relaxed daily life.  This is a wonderful tool for anyone who has ever experienced trauma, stress, or physical or emotional angst.

This unit utilizes stochastic resonance operating in the delta frequency range. Many have been searching their entire lives for relief from an ongoing feeling of being on edge, agitated, or irritated. After using the Nessor, they most often report, “I feel peace, a deep, profound peace.” Comes with a grounding plug and a receptacle tester.

The Nessor comes with Foundational Truth Cards, user guide and grounding receptacle.

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This product is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

Please call our office for more information about the NESSOR 800-682-7061.

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Weight 2.3875 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 4.5 in

8 reviews for Nessor

  1. Anon

    l am so pleased to be living life in this new wonderful and peaceful way!
    I am 73 years old and am delighted to find out that I can live life in a peaceful and calm state. Even my grandchildren and children knew something was wonderfully different about me. It’s been 7 months since my two NESSOR sessions and I am still feeling the peace. I thought it was normal to ‘pull myself off the ceiling or pick myself up off the floor’ to make a decision or just to get through the day. It took so much energy to get through my life….l am so pleased to be living life in this new wonderful and peaceful way!

  2. Jennifer H.

    About six months ago I started doing self-treatments with the Nessor. The first five were what I would consider basic healing treatments. The other ten were aimed at specific issues I wanted to work on. The overall outcome of these treatments was profound and life changing. Here are some effects I experienced during and after treatments: increased body awareness, decreased body tension, increased focus and mental clarity, decreased mental chatter, greater overall sense of well-being, less anxious and more at ease. The affirmations stuck with me for a long time and I continued repeating them for days or weeks afterward. It’s as if they’d been implanted in my cells, and when I returned to them they would take me back to where they’d been stored. As the months passed there were moments of doubt and moments of exultation. I made significant inroads into the issues I was exploring and will continue with this research in the coming months and years. This device is a work of genius and I would recommend it to anyone who has the desire to delve into the process and make serious changes.

  3. R. Goss, RN

    I could feel the affirmations in my body as I repeated them. There was a calming sensation as I said them. It was a very pleasant, peaceful experience.

  4. Laura Tyson

    I wanted to stop craving sweets and unhealthy foods. With my left foot on the Nessor, I repeated, “My body loves healthy and nutritious foods.” I could feel the Nessor working as waves of calm moved up and through my body. I remember thinking, “This device is powerful!” After a few sessions, I wanted and preferred more simple foods like steamed vegetables. I also noticed that restaurant foods tasted worse and made me feel a bit sick. My body lets me know if it doesn’t want certain foods! I feel like I’m on a journey to discover what foods my body needs and prefers to function at its best. I did the Nessor sessions six months ago and the benefits have not diminished. I believe the results are permanent. Thank You Sound Vitality!

  5. Dr. A.

    The ideas that what we believe creates our experience and that we have choice in how we experience life, are not new to me. But what IS new with the Nessor is the speed and effortlessness with which it works to enable new responses that are non-judgmental, appreciative, peaceful and long lasting. Despite being confronted with situations that would formerly have made me fearful, anxious, frustrated or angry, I find myself just not responding in those old ways. If something really tips the scale, I find that it doesn’t last long and my equanimity easily (almost automatically) returns. I have also had some profound insights that shed light on life choices and long-standing patterns. These insights arrived without angst or fanfare. No drama. They were simply truths and I welcomed them. I see the Nessor as an invaluable tool for personal growth, and am excited to see the journey unfold. Thank You!!

  6. Liz M.

    This is such a beautiful and helpful product. It can really help not only turn your present day around, but can also help heal old wounds. It helps keep your current mind thinking positively and calm memories and/or self-doubts. This is definitely a product worth trying.

  7. Kurt, Fountain Valley, CA

    I underwent extreme stresses for more than twelve years as an at-home hospice caregiver. I was around serious emotional and physical disabilities, congestive heart failure, and ultimately the death of both of my parents. After they passed away, I went into constant fight-or-flight mode, totally overwhelmed and in my sympathetic nervous system. I do qigong meditation at a high level but still couldn’t break through the trauma that had taken place. Three years later, I was still unable to calm my nervous system.
    After just a few weeks of using the Nessor, there has been a huge turnaround in my calmness and my level of well-being, to the point where I’m starting to feel like my normal self again. Achieving this level of calmness allows me to gain some distance from my negative thoughts so I can analyze them more objectively.
    I’m living in the moment instead of being driven by “what if” statements. There’s this pervading sense of well-being in my body, mind, and spirit. I have more gratitude, even for the difficult events that took place. I got cursed with a brutal situation but the universe gave me the tools to fight through it.
    The reality is that this machine works. It’s hard to believe sound waves can affect the central nervous system like this but they really do. I feel like I have my life back because of the Nessor.

  8. Margo

    I have been working on my deepest issue for a year now after 33 years of metaphysical and spiritual study. I am quite sure that the Nessor helped significantly. When I searched for a card, the one that jumped out at me I probably would not have even thought of. It was the statement of a positive residual effect about a year after my primary issue had been revealed. I did not realize that I had significantly suppressed my feelings, so I was drawn to the “It is safe to express my feelings,” card. It was a huge break through for me to realize the primary issue had caused the suppression AND that it was now safe to express them. I am now much more connected with others and more content than ever before! Thank you, Nessor!

    Margo D.

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