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Transforming Equine Wellness: The CHI Palm Equitonic Before and After Miracle

Witness the extraordinary transformation that the CHI Palm Equitonic brings to equine health and wellness in this revealing video. Experience firsthand the remarkable changes we observe regularly, as low-frequency, chaotic sound waves unlock a new realm of healing and comfort for horses. This video showcases a compelling before and after journey, illustrating the profound impact that this innovative technology has on alleviating discomfort, enhancing recovery, and improving overall well-being. It’s stories like these that fuel our passion and commitment to advancing healing solutions. See for yourself the life-changing effects of the CHI Palm Equitonic on equine companions and understand the depth of transformation possible through our dedicated pursuit of wellness. This is the essence of our mission—changing lives, pure and simple, one healing wave at a time.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

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