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I have been using the Infratonic since October 2014 for various ailments (i.e. muscle aches, better quality of sleep, relaxation sessions, etc.), and have been very satisfied with the performance of the device. I was finally pain-free and very grateful for the Infratonic which helped me recover quickly and safely. I recommend this device to anyone seeking pain, inflammation, stress, or anxiety relief in a very natural and effective way without dangerous side effects.


I was very happy to receive the Equitonic 9.  I have an old break of my tibia which did not heal straight along with multiple fractures on the head of the tibia.  I recently suffered an injury to the femur on the same leg.  The temporary lack of use of my knee caused the arthritis to escalate and increased the pain.  After a long treatment with the Equitonic, the pain subsided to pre-injury levels,  or better and the mobility increased.  I also have a Missouri Foxtrotter who has been cocking his hind fetlocks, particularly his left one.  I’m suspecting arthritis is developing and the Equitonic is working great on him too.  This is a wonderful product!

We have given one [Infratonic 9] to our friends who have a son with Downs Syndrome. He suffers from a very bad cough and has been diagnosed with RSV in the past. His parents use the unit on his chest and back and then place it on the floor or between the mattress and box in his bed and aim it up at him. Within 24-36 hours he has made a complete turn around! They have used it for this the last two winters with great success!

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