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August, 2023

I, as well as my animals, are huge fans of Richard Lee’s work. We use the CHI Palm often, appreciating how it has helped us heal through injuries, surgeries and auto-immune disorders. So I was excited when I recently received Richard’s new CHI Sun and immediately started using it without bothering to read the accompanying literature as I assumed I knew how these devices work.

I admit I was a little taken aback and intrigued as I quickly realized this device was somehow very different. I couldn’t feel it working on my physical body like the other devices. It was something much more subtle but I could feel it doing something even if I didn’t understand what. At first, every time I used it, I would receive the imagery of the CHI Sun working on a straight line within myself. Though I didn’t understand, I was beginning to see that Richard had developed something truly extraordinary, and as I continued to use it regularly, I found myself looking forward to my sessions.

Always, I would see this straight line which was being strengthened and reworked…until eventually things began to unfold. Then they happened quite rapidly. I could feel a connection being made, it seems to be a connection between my lower and higher self and beyond to my connection with All That Is. I realized the straight line I kept experiencing was the CHI Sun helping to straighten out my system where I was still clogged, or maybe a better way to say it is where I was still experiencing blocks to my true Self. I started experiencing more clarity. The openings that were being facilitated within me were allowing me to recognize and follow guidance that culminated in a giant aha! moment where I finally understood fully and clearly what I came to this lifetime to achieve, and what my spiritual gifts are and how I would use them. While I was already aware of this on some level, it was still murky and I didn’t fully understand my purpose.  I have no doubt the CHI Sun helped to facilitate my seeing and understanding the ‘big picture’ of my life’s spiritual purpose.

While this has been my experience, I sense that the CHI Sun will meet each of us where we are and assist us where we need.

I have enjoyed Richard’s amazing work for many years, but I am so blown away by this latest device of his, the CHI Sun. I find myself sitting here shaking my head in disbelief and awe, at a loss for the right words.

I am so grateful to Richard for being so in tune with his spiritual guidance system, and along with his great love for humanity has been able to create on this level, a device to help guide us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the Universe.

Connie Otso

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