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I acquired my first Chi product about 25 years ago when I was doing massage and body work because I am a staunch advocate for using sound and frequencies for personal healing. The need for the cord attachment to the transducer on this older product made it difficult to use. So, when the Chi Palm was offered, I was excited to try it out.

I really like its small size, shape and the fact that it is re-chargeable and thereby portable. By this time, I was retired so I ordered one for myself to deal with the many issues related to aging. I wanted to focus on pain in my trochanter (hip joint) and lower back issues which interfere with my need to walk and keep active. After regular daily use I began to achieve some relief. Then I wondered if I could achieve even more relief by using it more, so I decided to sleep with it all night. I placed on my trochanter area as well as other spots that were hurting. Also, even though I have no pain in that area, I’m confident that its use has also kept Prostate Cancer from returning.

This tactic provided such relief that I decided to order a 2nd Chi Palm so that I could focus on two primary spots at one time. I have been using them both every night since then. I usually have a significant amount of pain relief by the time I get up in the morning, but the trochanter discomfort is not yet completely resolved. I’m also using Collagen to build back the cushion in the joint so that the Chi Palm will be able to completely heal the joint.

This morning, 10/19/23 I woke up almost completely pain free and plan to continue this process until I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE. Thank you, Chi Palm for giving me my life and mobility back. I will never be without them. Even though I already have two Chi Palms, should I be selected to win another one I will devote its use to helping others who may not be able to afford one for themselves.

Sincerely grateful,

Peace  🙏,   Love  ❤️   and Blessings

William Settle

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