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Growing up I’ve always felt I was going to die in my late 50s and I don’t know why that particular time.  I’ve told very few people of this vision.  Over the years I have learned to just accept it. I mean, dying in my late 50s, not really so bad, still get to live half of a great life, maybe even more than half. Well, I’ve been using the CHI Sun for about 3 months now for 15 to 30 minutes a day and my 58th birthday is approaching.  Last night a light bulb came on, a conclusion was drawn.  I am not going to die in my late 50s, but rather this is something that has been instilled in my brain by my various visits to the emergency room and the doctor’s office.  I was being told negative things about my health and that I needed to do X, Y, or Z or I could die.   After being told this repetitively, I just started to accept my fate and told myself that when the time comes, the time comes. I now am rewinding the clock, rethinking the why.  I guess this is my way of deprogramming words that I let in on an unconscious level.  Now I feel I have tapped into a heightened awareness of my consciousness and those feelings are starting to dissipate.

Gina Taylor


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