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Just Say No to Colds

Unlocking the Secrets to Strengthen Your Immune System Against Colds and Flu

Secrets to Strengthen Your Immune System
1. Cozy Therapy – Extreme Times Require Extreme Comfort!
2. Cozy ThermoTherapy: Your Secret Weapon for Fighting Colds and Improving Health
3. Unlocking the Secrets to Strengthen Your Immune System Against Colds and Flu
4. Unlocking the Power of CHI Devices to Combat Colds and Flu

Colds and flu are making a comeback. It is not that there are more cases this winter. It’s partly that the label “covid” has been applied to virtually all colds and flu in the last few years. It’s also that we have learned so much about them. Back five years ago, there was no cure for the common cold. Now we know that vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, and a host of other things reduce severity and duration.

But, why are “colds and flu” grouped together? Wikipedia says “They only differ in severity.”

In fact, we now see that there are three big ways they differ. Flu fits the common definition for a new virus that is contagious because it is unfamiliar to the immune system. It takes a while for our bodies to learn how to keep it under control. The idea that it is banished from our bodies is silly. We live in a sea of viruses. Exposure is everywhere. Our immune system has simply learned to keep them under control. Colds are a different animal entirely. We will come back to them.

Cold. Flu. Covid. Immune System.

Covid is the third factor.

Colds and Flu disappeared entirely from our vocabulary for a couple of years, with every sneeze being branded as covid, and the false-positive PCR test used to label many runny noses as covid. Here we see one big difference between colds/flu and covid. Anti-parasitics like Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, and HCQ were effective to reduce severity and duration of covid. These drugs are not effective against viruses. This suggest that some sort of parasite or contaminant (some say ‘prions’) had been added to the flu, or more likely, to the vaccine. This has been known for a few years now, but could not be said publicly without harsh criticism. I wrote about this four years ago, but my editor didn’t allow me to publish it {this time it somehow slipped through}

Bad Qi

Now back to the main topic, colds!

The common cold, in decades past, was commonly called “cold”, known in Chinese Medicine as a form of “bad Qi. It was carried by the cold north wind and could invade your body unless your mother bundled you up in thick, warm clothing. When we did come home feeling chilled, she would put us in front of a hot fire, feed us warm chicken soup, and wrap us in blankets until we dispelled the chill and warmed up. A fever was the body’s attempt to dispel the cold. A runny nose was the body’s way to dispel the dampness and metabolic waste. And when the “fever broke” we were suddenly covered with perspiration as the pores opened and allowed the cold and damp to escape.

“But,” my editor asked, “Isn’t a cold caused by a virus?”

The fact is that a whole host of cold causing viruses are in us all the time. It is when our vitality is low that these viruses can multiply. And when we get chilled our immune system gets even weaker and viruses can multiply much faster. A cold is caused by a weak immune system. Even a brand-new flu barely gets started if we have a strong immune system. As you will see in the article Cozy Therapy, keeping the body warm greatly enhances the immune system against cold viruses.

Back before I started CHI Institute, I spent a month in China in damp, freezing weather. I caught a miserable cold. They prepared a broth of onion roots, fermented black beans, and ginger. It tasted rather like French onion soup. They then rolled me up in thick blankets. After a couple of hours of profuse perspiration and feeling trapped in blankets, my chills, fever, and runny nose were gone.

This tribal wisdom about “cold” is being slowly erased from our collective memory by the insistent propaganda of modern medicine. We have come to believe that colds, flu, and the laboratory-inserted “prion factor” are all just a single disease, a pandemic.

WillpowerThere’s one more factor, intention or willpower. Our office manager, Byron, seems to be bulletproof to all the cold and flu stuff. He might sneeze or blow his nose a time or two, but hasn’t missed a day of work from cold or flu in the years he’s been with us. He’s a stubborn guy and claims his secret is that, at the earliest signs of flu symptoms, he tells himself, “I’m not getting sick,” and he doesn’t. I’ve noticed that many of the qigong masters I have known and others who cultivate their vitality and willpower regularly don’t get sick much either.

Modern Medical Wisdom

The modern medical wisdom is, of course, that there’s no cure and your only protection is masks and vaccines. Byron never wore masks and hasn’t gotten vaccinated in decades. This is generally true for the vitality cultivators I have known as well. We have been taught that the only thing you can do for the flu is to repress symptoms, and there are plenty of pills on the market for that. I have found, through trial and error, that at the beginning of a head cold, my thinking is fuzzy. However, toward the end of the cold my brain is clear and sharp and I do some of my best thinking. I can’t help but think that the magic pills that repress fever and discharge are contributing to chronic brain fog by leaving metabolic waste in our brains and bodies.

Before I conclude, I would like to draw your attention to two articles I wrote in early 2020, Cozy Therapy, and Thermo Therapy, included below in this newsletter. They explore the value of keeping warm, and of getting extra warm, not just to treat colds and flu but for a wide variety of chronic ailments.


You are your own best health advocate.

Don’t trust anyone who makes money from recommending products. Sometimes you can trust your mother and grandmother, especially if they don’t watch TV.

A systems engineer by training, he moved early in his career from efficient use of fossil fuel energy to efficient use of human energy. Human consciousness is severely crippled in most all of us compared to the full potentials of consciousness so Richard has made studying and optimizing human consciousness into a 30 year career choice.

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!
    I’m 74, this has been my mindset since I was 24. My sis had suspicious cervical cells, we chose to follow protocol in the book, Dr Kelly’s Answer to Cancer.
    ( diet excluding all negative foods).
    Her doc was livid that we didn’t do a dangerous procedure with possibility of scar tissue and inability to conceive. 3 months later her pap was normal. Of course the book has DISAPPEARED. We miraculously found it at a used book sale at a convent. We had loaned our original and it didn’t find its way back. Gratefully, in the 80’s, CHI sent product info to Massotherapists and Chiropractors. I and my chiro bought one immediately.
    I appreciate the entire staff, very helpful. Your products have helped many and have been my gift to family over many years.
    THANK YOU from every cell in my body ( my astral bodies to)

  2. “Don’t trust anyone who makes money from recommending products. Sometimes you can trust your mother and grandmother, especially if they don’t watch TV.”

    So doesn’t this mean I shouldn’t trust you either? It’s not like you give your products away. I think if I had read this prior to buying my chi palm, I’d have saved some good money.

    I bought multiple chi devices used based on recommendations from a fellow rescuer. Did any of them help any of the animals? I don’t know. I’ve personally done chi gong healing and have seen that work and I believe that’s what I’ll go back to. I’ve used my chi palm hours daily with apparently no benefit despite my hopefulness.

    I’ll still read a few more articles and see if there is something different I could be doing but then I may well just go sell it on eBay where I bought my older ones. Sigh.

    1. HI Julie, I truly want you to trust yourself. I treasure the ability to think for ourselves and trust our own intuition. It sounds like you are a capable qigong therapist. Thus, it is quite possible that you can provide greater benefit to people and animals than any product on the market. I find it interesting that you discredit the CHI Palm because I say I want you to trust yourself. If I were a doctor and I told my patients to trust their own judgment, I would need to be an extremely good doctor to stay in business. I have met some who are that good. The CHI Palm comes with a 30 day return guarantee because I want customers to try it, and if it doesn’t work, to send it back. I want them to decide for themselves if it is valuable for them. We do get about 3% returns. It is not for everyone.

      Qigong practitioners and other energy workers who provide benefits similar to the CHI Palm generally use it after work or when they feel exhausted, or loan it to a client when they can’t be with the client. Occasionally, they will find conditions where it is easier to apply the CHI Palm.

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